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older brother
younger brother
what dean calls sam
type of chevy dean drives
what year is deans car
name of father
name of mother
sam's girlfriend who died like his mother
dean sam and cas are known as team ____ ____.
actor who plays dean
actor who plays sam
actor who plays castiel
castiel's nickname
king of hell
actor who plays crowley
demon who betrays sam
girl demon who calls cas clarence (aka my fav bad ass)
creature who eats the hearts of its victims
this popular teen romance story is made fun of in season six
what language does bobby speak that surprises sam
what STD is sam forced to do a commercial for
what is Dean's favorite food
what porn site is mentioned quite a bit on the show
what is dean and cas's ship name (if you do not ship it, i'm sorry but you are wrong)
who is the father figure of sam and dean
what type of magical animal does meg call cas
what day does sam live over and over again
what is the breakfast special that dean orders every time they relive the day
whats the red headed angel's name who sleeps with dean
who does castiel think the funniest angel is
popular abbreviation of supernatural
what is a well known phrase of deans
scribe of god (also a major ****)
villian of season 7 (his name fits him)
The tricksters name
Gabriel is a
prophet who helps sam and dean decipher tablets
who is the actor who plays the answer above
whats the title of the christmas supernatural episode
what christmas carol do sam and dean sing in that episode
what song plays in the season finale opening credits
whats the ship name between dean and sam
what year did dean get sent to to witness the Apocalypse
who created the Colt
what is mary winchester's father's name
what is the name of the winchester's other grandfather
what secret society was that grandfather apart of
what is the name of the yellow eyed demon
what is the name of the demon who tries the take over hell from crowley
where do you go to sell your soul for a granted wish
how do you seal a crossroads deal
actor who played young sam
the angel who tricked sam into letting him in so he could heal both sam and himself in season 9
what does sam get addicted to
what does crowley get addicted to
what does sam come back from hell without
where does dean meet benny
what momentarily hurts leviathan
what pet does sam get while dean is in purgatory
what werewolf does sam sleep with and then have to shoot
what hurts demons
what keeps out ghosts
what do you trap a demon in
what do sam and dean have tattooed on their chests
what is the most well known license plate of the winchesters
what license plate is seen in multiple seasons
who steals the colt from the winchesters
what does dean scream and run from in 'yellow fever'
what color is dean's car
what was the disease that spread in the future Apocalypse
which horseman does dean eat pizza with
what does dean call his car
how do you kill a vampire
how do you kill a ghoul
where is crowley from
finish the quote spoken by same 'i lost my _______'
what does dean claim happened to him now that hes back from hell
what school did sam go to
what was he studying to become
what was sam's LSAT score
how do you get rid of a spirit
at what age was sam fed demon blood
who was dean named after
who was sam named after
what creature killed dean and sent him to hell
why did this creature send him to hell
how long did dean get to live once he made the deal
what was the name of the kid who dean thought was his son
who was the mother of this kid
what did dean and jo do before she died
what was the name of the computer genius at the roadhouse
what character says the line 'Peace out, bitches' (she's a computer hacker)
who tortured dean in hell
where did the boys live before their mom died
what was the name of their town
Complete the quote: 'I'm the one who gripped you tight and raised you from ____'
What does crowley try to find the location of
where does bobby live
who is the demon child
what is the first seal
what actor plays bobby
finish the castiel quote: 'I learned that from the _____'
who writes the supernatural books
what is chuck
what is the name of the girl who is obsessed with the supernatural books
what did dean do to cupid in 'My Bloody Valentine'
what year was the original colt built
what year did the first supernatural episode air

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