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William J Clinton was born here,Americas first too toothbrush was invented here, and it is known for cheese dip,
sunny weather, Movie stars,and golden gate bridge
the wizard of oz,leads the nation in wheat production,and is the location of the largest ball of twine.
humidity,oranges and little havana
Football,The Alamo, and leads the nation in beef
The Northern Lights, Biggest state,and Denali
To kill a mockingbird, largest supplier of cast iron and steel pipe products and rocket capital of the world
white sands national monuments,Bandera Ice cave, and Balloon Fiesta
Vassar College was founded here,The first American Chess tournament was hosted here,and the worlds largest Polish population outside of Warsaw is here
Borders BC,Yellowstone park,Famous for Custers Last Stand
Garden State,Diner capital of the world, and Cape May
Mount Rushmore,The former price is right host is from here, and the Corn Palace
Land of 10,000 lakes,North Star State, and Prince lived here
Highest elevation,Centennial state,No US President or Vice President is from here
Elvis Presley was born in this state, The worlds largest cactus plantation is located here and the first nuclear submarine was introduced here
Equality before the law is the motto, The state insect is the honeybee and the state flower is the goldenrod
birth place of a nation,seven presidents are buried here, and Richmond is located here
Location of the oldest state university in the states, Location of the furniture capital of the world and and Charles Karault was born and raised here
Milk is the official state beverage, English is the official state language and this state grows more sunflowers than any other state
The first potato was planted here, This state adopted the first legal lottery and the first alarm clock was invented here
Nashville,Country Music, Pulled Pork
Gambling,Reno, and Las Vegas
Named after US president,Borders BC, and Microsoft Organization is located here
The state amphibian is the salamander, The first battle of the civil war was in this state, and the largest gingko farm in the world is located here
Historic Park County, Bordering Kentucky and Saturday evening post
The Kamiah valley is located here, This state borders BC and Hells Canyon is located here
Worlds biggest strawberry,Home of the largest Amish Community west of the Mississippi River and home to the largest Danish settlement in the US
Horse racing, Blue grass, and Chevrolet Corvettes are manufactured here
Detroit,Motown, and the painted turtle is the state reptile
Akron,Rock n Roll hall of Fame, and the Pro Football hall of fame
Gone with the Wind,Peaches,and Home of the worlds largest fake peanut
A lot of Stephen King books are set here,Lobster,and Lighthouses
Ben and Jerrys began here,Ranks in the top states for health,happiness and Intelligence and the novel Secret History is Set here.
The Outsiders,Voice mail was invented here, and this state has a state fossil
Cacti,The Grand Canyon, Scorpions
The Show me state,The first successful parachute jump from a plane happened her, and the most destructive tornado occured here
Home to the biggest mushroom on earth,Crater lake which is the deepest lake in the USA is located here, and numerous movies have been filmed here such as the Goonies
Family guy is set here,Known for making silverware and jewelry, and was the last of the 13 colonies to become a state
First state to ratify the US constitution,became the first state in the union and the official bug is the ladybug
The United States naval academy was founded here, The first dental school opened here and Babe Ruth was from here
Cape Cod, Marthas Vineyard and Fig newtons
The first phone book was published here,Mystic Seaport, and the location of Yale University
Surfing,Palm Trees, Only state that grows coffee
Benjamin Franklin lived here,Hershey,and home to the first computer
Mormons,Rainbow Bridge, and Zion National Park
The Badger State,First typewriter was invented here, and Milk
Yellowstone,First State to give women the right to vote,and JC Penney stores were started here
Home of first Aquarium,Peoria,and the Sears Tower
Mardi Gras, Baton Rouge and is the location of the crawfish capital of the world
Mothers Day started here,Cecil Underwood,and first state to have a sales tax.

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