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What is the name of Judy's hometown?
What do Judy's parents do for a living?
What does Judy take with her to ward off foxes?
What nickname does Judy's father call her?
In addition to carrots, what else do Judy's parents grow?
What is the name of Judy's childhood adversary?
Who 'welcomes' Judy to Zootopia?
What does Benjamin Clawhouser have stuck at his neckline?
The police chief says for everyone to acknowledge what in the room?
How many tickets does Judy write before lunch?
What is the name of the fox Judy pairs up with?
What does Nick con Judy into buying?
What crime does Judy blackmail Nick for?
Where do Judy and Nick first go for information about Emmitt Otterton?
What is the name of the sloth who ran the plate at the DMV?
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What do you call a three-humped camel?
Who owned the limosine Emmitt Otterton was in?
Which district does the crime boss live?
What did Nick sell the crime boss that wasn't appreciated?
What does the limosine driver say Otterton was afraid of?
According to the limosine driver, what were all of them deep down inside?
What was the common denomator between all of the animals who went savage?
What nickname did Mayor Lionheart call the assistant Mayor?
According to the weasel, what is the opposite of friendly?
In the subway, who does the renegade sheep refer to his business partners as?
Who ends up being the main villain in the movie?
What does Judy proclaim when Nick bites her neck?
Whose word was it against Bellwether's?
What is the name of the streetracer tearing it up?
What is the name of the song Gazelle sings repeatedly?

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