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Can you correctly guess whether the given facts describe Jimmy Kimmel or Jimmy Fallon?

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FactsKimmel (K) or Fallon (F)
Impersonates Donald Trump.
Has a cute 'Pup Quiz' Segment.
Has a popular 'Hashtags' Segment.
Has his Cousin Sal as his main on the street guy.
Has Celebrities Read 'Mean Tweets.'
Has Justin Timberlake as a bff.
Has a Blood Feud with Matt Damon.
Has 'Lip Sync Battles' with various celebrities.
Is obsessed with 'The Bachelor' and 'The Bachelorette.'
Has Guillermo Rodriguez as a sidekick.
FactsKimmel (K) or Fallon (F)
Has a 'Pedestrian Question' Segment.
Has an 'unnecessary censorship' Segment.
Has a 'Pros and Cons' Segment.
Encourages parents to prank their kids after every halloween.
Has Steve Higgins as an announcer.
Writes 'Thank You Notes.'
Has a 'Lie Witness News' Segment.
Has 'The Roots' as his house band.
Has his show on Hollywood Boulevard.
Puts on braces for his 'Ew!' Segment.

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