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Today, the U.S. has a ____ exchange rate system.
____ Economists believe that active help from fiscal and monetary policy is needed to ensure that the economy is operating at full employment.
Equity and debt instruments with maturities greater than one year (long-term) are called ____ market instruments.
Equity and debt instruments with maturities less than one year (short-term) are called ____ market instruments.
____ funds are loans made by banks to each other.
The inability of the government and government agencies to efficiently allocate resources is called ____ failure.
Lowering taxes and increasing spending is called expansionary ____ policy.
The ____ of an asset is determined by how quickly you can convert it into cash.
The concept of ____ value is based on the common-sense notion that a dollar paid to you in the future is less valuable to you than a dollar today.
The risk that interest payments won't be made is the ____ risk.
Fill-in-the-BlankAnswerAdditional Facts
The economic tradeoff is always between efficiency and ____.
____ Selection is an issue that financial intermediaries face since bad credit risks are the ones most actively seeking loans.
The most important function of money is that it is a Medium of ____.
U.S. dollar deposits in foreign banks outside the U.S. or in foreign branches of the U.S. banks are called ____dollars.
Increasing the money supply and lowering interest rates is called expansionary ____ policy.
The Bretton Woods Agreement in 1944 pegged the U.S. dollar to ____.
The Bretton Woods Agreement represented a ____ exchange rate system.
____ money is not backed by gold or anything. It has value because the government says it does.
The U.S. debt-to-____ ratio is currently just over 100%.
The fallacy of ____ is the (false) statement that what is true of the parts is true of the whole or what is true of the whole is true of the parts.

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