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QUIZ: Can you name the Half-Blood Prince related words?

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APassword to Dumbledore's office
BAntidote to many poisons
CHarry's role on his Quidditch team
DKilled by Snape
EMark Harry received on his Charms OWL
FLucky potion
GOne owner of Weasley's Wizard Weazes
HDumbledore wants to destroy
IUsed in conjunction with the Marauders' Map
JHarry's middle name
KTrain station
LRon's girlfriend
MScrimgeour's job
NVoldemort's snake
OSlughorn's expression of surprise
PSlughorn's subject
RRoom Malfoy uses
STeacher (Potions)
TTakes Harry to school at the start of term
UTeacher destroyed in previous book
VTruth-telling potion
WCharlie's surname

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