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this character bullies the newsies
this character steals cigars
this character is cripled
the walking mouth
this character's only line is 'did i spell it right?'
this character rivals against character above
this character runs the distribution office
this character is the head of the World
the story of newsies happened in...
BROOKLYN!!! (nuff said)
this character is in the refuge
cowboy's girlfriend
this character wears an eye patch
this character is known for wearing glasses
this character is known for eating a lot
this character is known for going to sheepshead races
this character works for the New York Sun
this person did the music to newsies
the walking mouth's little brother
this character runs the refuge
this character likes girls...a lot
this person directed newsies
this character falls at the credits
this character wants a cordoroy suit with fitted knickers
this character takes care of the newsies
this person did the choreography for newsies
this character is the villian's assistant
'The Swedish Medowlark'
newsies was made in...
this character bullies the newsies

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