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You take dead animals to the ____?Tommy
He could sell a ketchup popsicle to a woman in ____ ____!Richard
I think your brain has a ____ candy shell.Richard
I just want to tell you, you look really ____ today, Beverly.Mr. Rittenhauer
Does this ___ make me look fat?Tommy
You better pray to the god of ___ ___ that this wind doesn't pick up...Tommy
Don't run away from your ____!Tommy
We're family, we're gonna be doing alot of dumb stuff together. Wait til ____.Tommy
QuoteMissing wordPerson
No, you need to drop a couple hundred pounds___kids by lake
Tommy is a ____, he likes biking and he's never been laid.Richard
Look Mommy, the ___ is coming too close to the car!Tommy
Did you eat a lot of ____ ____ when you were a kid?Paul
John Hancock... It's ___ Hancock.Tommy
My fellow nerds and I will return the ___ with our calculators.Richard
Holy ___!Tommy Boy

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