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QuoteAnswer QuoteCharacter
Eat your _____ vegetablesPeter Parker(spider-man)
He just stole that guy's ____________guy off the street
With great _______ comes great ________Uncle Ben
We have a 29 minute _____Mr. Aziz
Guy with ______ hands, sounds hotinterviewed girl off the street
spider-man, spider-man spins a ___ any sizeoriental person playing guitar off the street
He wants to be famous, i'll make him _____J. Jonah Jamison
QuoteAnswer QuoteCharacter
Go get 'em _________Mary-Jane
You've ____ your last web spider-manGreen Goblin
Peter Parker, brilliant but __________Doc Ock
Before we start, did anyone lose a bunch of twenties rolled up in a ____ ____? Because we found the rubber bandOtto Octavius
If ______ were crackers, my daughter would be fatMr. Ditkovich
I protected you in______ ______ . Now I'm gonna kick your little ass. Harry Osborne

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