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Turns Rat Yellow
Unlocks Most Doors
Summons a Buffalo
Levitates Objects
Leg Locking Spell
Stiffens Body and Keeps You from Moving/Full Body Bind Spell
Used to Scare Dudley
Used to Scare Dudley
Used to Scare Dudley
Disarming Spell
Makes Victim Lose Control of Legs
Makes Spells Stop What They are Doing
Sends a Giant Snake
Makes Invisible Words Appear
Creates a Light at the Tip of Wand
Erases Victim's Mind
Sends an Object into Someone with Great Force
Changes Something Scary into Something Funny
Protects Belongings
Moves an Object to a Given Point
Protects from Dementors
Extinquishes Lumos
Shoots Fire out the End of the Wand
Makes Something Very Small
Stunning Spell
Amplifies Voice
Makes Voice Quieter
Conjures Dark Mark
Shows the Last Spell Conjured in a Cloud
Makes Previous Spell Cloud Vanish
Allows the User to Control the Victim
Makes Things Larger
Torture Curse
Makes Things Shrink
Killing Curse
Creates Large Boils on the Victim
Increases Size of Object at an Alarming Rate
Creates Bunches of Flowers
Creates Small Birds
Causes Objects to Break
Sends Ropes at Victim
Brings Stunned People Back
Slows Anything/Knocks Them Backwards
Blasts Things Aside
Points North
Packs Things
Cleans Things
Makes Things Move Where You Want
Vanishing Spell
Repairs Broken Items
Mutes Object
Creates a Portkey
Spell Used to Break into Someone's Mind
Causes Ropes like a Lasso to Fly out of Wand
Makes a Fiery 'X' on Object
Seals Anything that can Open
Sheilding Charm
Clears Throat if Choking
Mends Broken Body Parts
Acts as a Siphon
Causes you to Stop Speaking
Reveals Something Special
Sends Small Birds at Victim
Causes People to not Hear You
Sends you up in the Air by the Ankle (nonverbal)
Lets the Victim Down from Previous Spell
Creates Water
Cuts the Victim
Blows Something Up
Causes Things to Lower
Cleans Things
Makes Things Explode
Revels any Human Presence
Dupilcates Objects
Stops Charms/Curses
Repels Hexes
Protects a Small Area for a Long Period
Keeps Muggles Away from a Certain Place
Sets up Structures
Spell Used to Strengthen an Enclosure
Puts a Blindfold on the Victim
Blasts a Hole in Something
Turns Stairs to Chutes
Turns Something to Stone
Stronger Version of Sheilding Charm
Spell used to Animate Inanimate Objects
Conjures Bandages Around the Victim
Summoning Charm
Makes Victim Go Where You Want
Carves Something
Perpetual Tickling charm
Confuses Victim

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