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Can you name the Top 10 Political Movies according to AMC?

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1.) Frank Capra's comedy finds an unwitting idealist (James Stewart) taking on the political game in which he's become an unwitting pawn. 
2.) Robert Redford and Dustin Hoffman channel journalists Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein in this riveting drama about Watergate. 
3.) In John Frankenheimer's classic, Frank Sinatra and his fellow platoon members fall victim to a governmental brainwashing scheme. 
4.) In Oliver Stone's political thriller, a D.A. (Kevin Costner) finds evidence of a conspiracy in the murder of JFK. 
5.) Kevin Costner stars as the special assistant to JFK (Bruce Greenwood) in this pic based on the Cuban Missile Crisis. 
6.) Tom Hanks and Julia Roberts star as a pair of corrupt wheel-and-dealers from Texas in this true-life drama. 
7.) A left-wing lawyer (Robert Redford) skyrockets to political prominence when his unexpected candor strikes a chord with the masses. 
8.) Spin-doctors (Anne Heche and Robert De Niro) fabricate a war to protect the President's rep in this Barry Levinson's satire. 
9.) John Travolta and Emma Thompson bring Mike Nichols' fictionalized version of the Bill Clinton story to life. 
10.) The story of the titular San Francisco gay-rights pioneer gets the biopic treatment courtesy of Sean Penn and Gus Van Sant. 

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