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Can you name the Characters that have never been able to be controlled in any smash brothers game??

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The evil king of the kremlingsDonkey Kong
Diddy Kong's GirlfriendDonkey Kong
Ness's neigbor and antagonist from Earthbound and Mother 3Earthbound
Girl from Twoson who is the main femal protagonist from EarthboundEarthbound
Female lord from Fire Emblem. Member of the nobility of LyciaFire Emblem
Female racer who's machine is the White CatF-Zero
Man who considers himself to be Captain Falcon's archrival. His machine is the Fire StingrayF-Zero
The goddess of lightKid Icarus
The goddess of darknessKid Icarus
Main inhabitants of Dream Land. Named after the way they walkKirby
Girl from Kirby 64 who can make her paintings come to lifeKirby
Purple clad 'villian' who made his first appearance in Mario TennisMario
Pink dinosaur of a questionable gender from Super Mario Bros. 2Mario
Enemy who was once Solid Snake's friend. Died in Metal Gear SolidMetal Gear
Flying recon surveilliance machine. Has been armed in the pastMetal Gear
Dragon-like leader of the space piratesMetroid
Red Echidna from Angel IslandSonic
Sonic's fox friend who can temporarily flySonic
A blue fox who ends up getting married to Fox McCloudStar Fox
Mechanic and childhood friend of FoxStar Fox
Middle aged man who thinks he's a fairy. I hope he never becomes a playable character…Zelda
Enemy who stole Majora's MaskZelda
Twin ninjasWario
The popular protagonist when he was a wee childYoshi
The angry mole who yells at you if you don't saveAnimal Crossing
The nominal blue suited heroMega Man
A pokemon that would make a very interesting fighter, as it can copy all of its enemies attacks and their DNAPokemon
The customizable character who has appeared in many gamesWii

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