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Forced Order
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First name is Poppy
Steals Slytherin locket from Black
Seeker for Bulgaria
First obstacle protecting the Sorcerer's Stone
Has dentists for parents
Secretly hidden in Forbidden Forest by half-brother
Writes a report on the thickness of cauldron bottoms
Works for Grunnings
Is afraid of heights
Gryffindor half of female twins
Only known survivor of the Killing Curse
Ron's first girlfriend
Wears a lime green bowler hat
Blown up by Harry in Prisoner of Azkaban
Viciously attacked by Sirius Black and replaced by Sir Cadogan
Carried off by centaurs
Father works for The Quibbler
Works in Romania
Killed Rowena Ravenclaw's daughter
Counts his birthday presents
Owns an excessive amount of cats
Spent 12 years in Azkaban for a crime he didn't commit
Tries to stop Harry from returning to Hogwarts in Chamber of Secrets
Has Harry address fan letters as a form of detention
Throws a Death Day party on Halloween
Is worth twelve Draco Malfoys
Cursed by a necklace in the bathroom
Travels with Hagrid to meet with giants
Is impersonated by a Dark Wizard for an entire book
Always gets a maroon sweater at Christmas
Who Hermione is supposed to turn into, instead of a cat
Helps Sirius escape the Dementor's Kiss while escaping death itself
Twin with one ear, after Deathly Hallows
Horcrux that attacks Arthur Weasley
Substitute teacher for Hagrid
Kidnapped by Voldemort for information on wandlore
Squib who works at Hogwarts
Snowy white owl killed off to represent Harry's innocence
Betrayed the Potters, leading to their demise
Grouchy older aunt of Ron
Witch sister of Petunia Dursley
Poltergeist at Hogwarts
Loves crystalized pineapple
Braggart of Hufflepuff who accuses Harry of being the Heir of Slytherin
Brother of Sirius who betrays Voldemort
Hangs out in the girls' bathroom that contains the entrance to the Chamber of Secrets
Bites children, even when he isn't in transformation
Headmaster of Durmstrang
Robemaker in Diagon Alley
Announcer of quidditch games
Boardhound pet of Hagrid
House-elf for the House of Black
Enjoys spying on neighbors
Gryffindor Chaser that goes to the Yule Ball with Fred
Lived in an orphanage until admitted into Hogwarts
Can transform into a cat
Hyperactive pet owl of the Weasley's
Pretends to have a stutter so no one will suspect him
Tries to give up Harry Potter to save his daughter
Obsessed with everything Muggle
Writes the obituary of Dumbledore
Captain of the Gryffindor quidditch team from books 1-4
Original Founder of Hogwarts represented by a serpent
Irish student who tries to turn water into rum
Hides the broken pieces of his wand in a pink umbrella
Lord Voldemort's grandfather
Cat with bottle-brush tail
Former quidditch player who is a judge for the Triwizard Tournament
Replacement of Cornelius Fudge
Part Veela who marries into the Weasley family
Pet of Argus Filch
Bartender of the Leaky Cauldron
Ties with Harry Potter in the Triwizard Tournament
Wandmaker for Viktor Krum
Draco's aunt who tortured the Longbottoms
Death Eater who walks with Snape at the beginning of Deathly Hallows
Mother of Teddy that can change appearances
Driver of the Knight Bus
Dumbledore's pet that helps defeat the basilisk
Captain of Slytherin quidditch team in Sorcerer's Stone
Deep-voiced assistant for the Prime Minister
Shopowner that sells Draco the cursed necklace
Ghost professor
Eats an earwax flavored Bertie Bean
Sees each of her family members dying when confronted with a boggart
Harry's first crush
Works for Gringotts as a curse breaker
Dark wizard defeated by Albus Dumbledore
Best friend of Seamus Finnigan
Carries an axe
Pigtailed Hufflepuff
Junior photographer obsessed with Harry
Journalist who is an unregistered Animagus
Male twin who dies laughing
Referee for Hogwarts quidditch
Goblin who helps Harry & Co. break into Gringotts
Accidentally frees Dobby
Uncle of Lord Voldemort
Best friend of Draco that dies in the Room of Requirement
Temporary boyfriend of Ginny Weasley, sore loser
Elderly lady who Voldemort murders to get a cup and diadem
Gardener for the Riddle House
Head of Hufflepuff House
Dark Wizard who poses as Professor Moody
Childhood friend of Lily Evans who pines for her after all these years
Petrified by the basilisk through Nearly Headless Nick
Former headmaster who antagonizes Harry & Co through a portrait
Mother of Draco Malfoy
Centaur who teaces divination
Giant pet of Hagrid's that got him kicked out of Hogwarts
Minor member of the Order of the Phoenix with an affinity for top hats
Named after two of the greatest Headmasters of Hogwarts
Charms professor
Snitches on the DA
Dies while Dumbledore and Grindelwald battle
Bartender at the Three Broomsticks
Chaser for Gryffindor that is not Angelina or Katie
Hogwarts Founder represented by red & gold
Old, dying owl of the Weasleys
Illegal pet that Hagrid gives to Charlie
Employee of the Minister of Magic that is on trial and married to Reg
Slytherin girl in love with Draco
Transforms into a stag called Prongs
Tries out for Gryffindor Keeper but loses to Ron
Quidditch captain for Ravenclaw
Only known creator of the Sorcerer's Stone
Mother of Lord Voldemort
Asks Harry about his corpreal Patronus during trial
Husband of Andromeda
Ministry employee who disappears
Tall, good looking Slytherin
Pompous Hufflepuff who questions Harry at the first DA meeting
Ministry official who comes to question the Gaunts
Embarrassing father of Cedric
Author of A History of Magic
Patronus is a goat
Conductor of the Knight Bus turned Death Eater
Malfoy's best friend who doesn't die
Hogwarts professor that predicts the return of Voldemort
Possessed by Lord Voldemort
Takes up residence in the Shrieking Shack once a month
Ravenclaw half of female twins
Original founder of Hogwarts who celebrates hard work
Author of the Deathly Hallows
Take of the Minister of Magic position when Voldemort is in power
Muggle whose family is harrassed at the Quidditch World Cup
Original founder of Hogwarts represented by an eagle
Hufflepuff ghost
Teaches Dark Arts in the Deathly Hallows
Girlfriend of Percy

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