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What is Avril Lavigne's Date Of Birth?
What Country was Avril born in?
Which town did Avril spend most of her childhood in?
What is Avril's Middle Name?
Who gave Avril Lavigne her first record deal?
What was the name of Avril's first Record Label?
What genre of music was Avril singing prior to getting a record deal?
Which superstar did Avril get to sing with on stage at the age of 15, when she won a radio contest?
What year did Avril release her debut Album?
What was Avril's First Ever Single?
What is the title of Avril's debut album?
Name a producer on Avril's debut album:
How many Grammy Award Nominations has Avril received?
What was the name of Avril's first world tour?
What was the last single to be released from Avril's first album?
Name the song Avril co-wrote for Kelly Clarkson's second album:
Which Award Ceremony did Avril win the award for Best New Artist (for 'Complicated')?
Which Avril music video had a concert at '7th and spring noon'
Name Avril's former band member, close friend & occasional co-writing partner:
How many music video were officially released during Avril's first album cycle?
What is the title of Avril's Second Album?
Name a producer of Avril's second album:
What was the third single released from Avril's second album?
What was Avril's second world tour called?
Name the song that Avril wrote in memory of her Grandfather:
Which song did Avril sing at the closing ceremony of the 2006 Winter Olympics?
Which 2004 animated film did Avril record the theme song for?
What song did Avril write for the 2006 fantasy-adventure film 'Eragon'?
Which Avril music video was the first EVER video to reach 100,000,000 views on YouTube?
What is the name of Avril's first husband?
Which band is her first husband lead singer and guitarist for?
What year did Avril release her third album?
What is the title of Avril's third album?
Name a producer of Avril's third album:
What was Avril's first number-one single on the US 'Billboard' Hot 100 ?
What is the name of Avril's Clothing Line?
What 2006 animated movie did Avril provide a voice-over for?
What does Avril claim her favorite food to be?
What is the name of Avril's mother?
What Grade did Avril drop out of School?
Who did Avril collaborate with on the Girlfriend Remix?
Which Record Label did Avril release her third Album on?
Which song does Avril reference the drink Limoncello?
'It's A Damn Cold night' is a line from which Avril song?
What was Avril's third world tour called?
Name the character Avril played in the 2006 film, Fast Food Nation:
Complete the lyric: 'All this time you were pretending, so much for ___ ____ ____'
Which Tim Burton movie did Avril record its main song for?
Which reality television star has Avril being romantically linked with in the past?
What is the title of Avril's fourth Studio album?
What year did Avril release her fourth album?
Why was there a delay between Avril's third & fourth record?
What was the name of Avril's first fragrance?
What was the lead single off Avril's fourth album?
What is the name of Avril's Charity?
Who does Avril's Charity support?
What does Avril call her fans?
Where is the 'Home of Avril Lavigne`s favorite pizza'
What toppings was on 'Avril Lavigne's favorite pizza'?
Complete the lyric: 'You stole my heart, And you're the one to blame, And that's why I ______'
Name a producer from Avril's fourth album:
Which song did Avril write at 14 years old, that appears on her fourth album?
How many music videos did Avril make during her fourth album cycle?
What was the name of Avril's second fragrance?
What record label is Avril currently signed to?
What is the title of Avril's fifth studio album?
Name the lead single from Avril's fifth album:
Which Avril music video features a bearshark?
What is the name of Avril's second husband?
Which band is Avril's second husband the lead vocalist for?
What was the special day when Avril married her second husband?
Where did they get married?
What was the third single from Avril's fifth studio album?
This is Avril's obsession and also a title of a song from her fifth album:
Which Avril song appears in the 2015 Lifetime TV movie Babysitter's Black Book?
Which song of Avril's does Marilyn Manson appear on?
On Avril's fifth record, list the members of 'The Tripod' production team:
What was Avril's fifth world tour called?
What is the Name of Avril's Brother?
What is the Name of Avril's Sister?
What is the name of Avril's third fragrance?
How many of Avril's music video's have been VEVO Certified (passed 100,000,000 views) to date?
Complete the lyric: 'Marry me today, Guess I’m wishing my life away With these _____ ____ _____ ___'
Which Avril song includes the lyric: 'Sitting on the bed alone, just staring at the phone'?
What is the song where Avril sings 'I wanna lock you up in my closet when no one's around'?
What is the name of Avril's make-up artist?
Which Avril album features the song 'Naked'?
Which Avril album features the song 'Fall To Pieces'?
Which Avril album features the song 'Push'?
In 2010, Avril appeared as a guest judge on which reality singing competition television show?
Name the two-volume manga-style comic book that Avril appeared in 2007?
Avril's song 'I'm With You' was sampled on which Rihanna song?
Which co-written song by Avril appears on Leona Lewis' Debut Album?
Name one of the 'Summer' songs featured on Avril's fifth album:
Which Joan Jett song has Avril recorded (that has appeared in a video montage interval in The Best Damn Tour)?
In which music video does Avril play a cheerleader?
What does Avril reveal she is in the songs 'Girlfriend' and 'Rock N Roll'?
What illness did Avril reveal to People magazine (In April 2015) that she had been diagnosed with?
Name the charity single Avril made for The Avril Lavigne Foundation to support the 2015 Special Olympics World Summer Games:
According to a 2014 study by Pantheon At M.I.T. - Who is the world's most famous Canadian?

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