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Can you name the Dwarves from The Hobbit?

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Forced Order
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Fat, usualy hungry, brother of Bofur, cousin of Bifir.
Leader of the dwarves, uses and oak branch to fight. Long beard, tallest dwarf.
Youngest of 3 brothers, educated.
Mostly inaudible due to an axe to the head. (mmight only be in the movie, can't remember if this happened in the book?)
Looks after his younger brother, a little supicius, middle of 3 brothers.
One of the youngest, keenest eyes in the group (came in handy in the misty mountains and mirkwood)
Blue beard tucked into a gold belt, first to arrive at Bagend.
Father of Gimli, married
Brother to Gloin
Strong, Forced to carry Bilbo, oldest of 3 brothers.
Blonde beard, brother to Fili
2nd oldest, buried in the Mines of Moria.
Not related to Thorin, cousin of Bifir.

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