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Forced Order
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You think that you should rule the world...Quirrell
You are a butt trumpet!! You know why? 'Cause you have a Lupin
Hey Lupin? Want to go look at the full moon with me?...Sour Grape Snape
Favorite Amy Mann song on 3...Harry/Ron
Don't suggest the giant slide, or trampoline, because we already tried those...Voldemort
Did you get my text?...Umbridge
Bitch I ain't..Lavender brown
You are NOT permitted to...Malfoy
WHAT THE DEVIL IS...Sour Grape Snape
I may be frumpy...Hermione
That's absurd! You're absurd! WHAT!! Say that again to my face!! You're absurd!!...Lupin/Sour Grape Snape
Sorry I'm late proffessor flitwick, I was just..Malfoy
What the HELL...Dumbledore
Pigfarts Pigfart here I come! Pigfarts Pigfarts...Malfoy
WHAT?? I have to fight a goat?? I don't think I can...Harry

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