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Can you name the AVPM/AVPS/AVPSY song choruses?

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Forced Order
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'We must unite so we can fight! Turn the battle around! Times running out so we must SHOUT ______________.....'AVPM
'Baby you're ___________! 'Cause you're here with me! and nothings ever gonna bring us down! 'Cause nothing can keep me from lovin' you! And you know it's true! It doesn't matter wAVPM
'And I'm _______ I'm just ________. Now I'm all alone, now your gone for good, now I'm stuck right here wishing I understood...'AVPM
'For there will always be _________! To realize tears in your eyes because he got her! She'll never ever know how much you'd have brought her, if you'd only done, something more foAVPS
'I am___________ in the whole wide world, I know it, but can't show it at all. I am sick and tired of low not higher places where I should belong. It's about time I prove them wronAVPS
'Well don't you tell me to go say I'm the one d-d-do you think I'm dumb, sorry did I just _________'...AVPS
There's ________ I'm gonna take another option!!! ___________ I'm gonna settle with a loss! _________ I'm gonna sit around and watch there's ___________!!!!!AVPS
'_________ of all the fighting! '_________ the people dying! _________ there's no one trying to deny it's gonna be us or them!'AVPSY
'I'm just a _______ , oh yes I'm just a ________ oh I'm just a ______, but I love, being at your side!!AVPSY

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