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A peace accord that ended violent conflict between Protestant and Catholic extremists in Northern Ireland.
Government enforced racial segregation.
The main organization that opposed apartheid and led the struggle for majority rule.
An African National Congress leader who was sentenced to life in prison for treason against apartheid.
Region of Sudan in which extreme violence and racial discrimination is rampant.
Terrorist organization that called for the destruction of Israel.
Israel's first religious leader.
A Soviet republic containing Muslims that wanted to break away from Russian rule.
A country that was torn apart by ethnic, nationalist, and religious tension in the 1990's.
The killing or forced removal of different ethnic groups by a country.
A province of Serbia that was opressed by the Serbian Government when it tried to become independent.
A war tactic used by many African nationalists.
A plan that gave Palestinians in Gaza and the south bank limited self rule. After this, PLO pledged to stop attacks.
A highly fought over holy city that has caused controversy between Israel and Palestine.
Leader of Iraq who abused his people until his execution.
Country that was plunged into civil war because of Iraeli-Palestinian unrest.
Major groups at risk of starting civil war in Iran.
This black South African bishop won the Nobel Peace Prize for his nonviolent opposition to apartheid.
The United States invaded Iraq in 2003 due to the fear of _______ _________ _______ _________
The first Gulf War freed this country.

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