What changed the world - Part III

Can you answer these questions based on 1001 days that changed the world, Part 3

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89In 1099 this city falls after a siege led by Godfrey of Bouillon
90In 1162 this chancelor of England becomes also the archbishop of Canterbury
91In 1174 this Kurdish general takes Damascus and calls himself Sultan
92In 1176 this emperor is defeated by a league of Lombard states
93In 1185 two groups of samurai battle for supremacy. One was the Taira or Heike, the other was?
94In 1191 the kings of France and England together conquer this city on the Saracens
95In 1992 this king of England was captured by the Duke of Austria
96In 1206 the Mongolian warlord Temüjin is called supreme ruler.
97In 1212 a coalition of armies from Navarra, Aragon, Portugal, the Knights Templar and Calatrava defeated the muslim army in Spain at which location
98In 1215 king John agreed to a royal charter of rights at Runnymede, near Windsor
99In 1224 he gets stigmata on hands and feet as he contemplates the suffering of Christ.
100In 1248 the first stone was put down, starting a build of over 600 years, for this Cathedral/Dom
101In 1265 he called two famous parliaments. The first stripped the King of unlimited authority, while the second included ordinary citizens from the towns. For this reason, he is regarded today as one of the progenitors of modern parliamentary democracy.
102In 1274 she becomes the biggest inspiration for Dante Alighieri
103In 1281 the Mongolian invasion fleet of Kublai Khan is destroyed by storms. The Japanese name of these storms is?
104In 1305 this Scottish lord was captured and sentenced to death in London.
105In 1309 pope Clemes V moves his court to this city in France.
106In 1314 the 23rd and last grand master of the Knights Templars is executed. Who is he?
107In 1325 the build is started of a new capital of this empire of the Aztecs
108In 1337 this painter dies, known for his decoration of the Scrovegni Chapel, in Padua, also known as the Arena Chapel, which was completed around 1305. The fresco cycle depicts the Life of the Virgin and the Life of Christ.
109In 1347 during the siege of Kaffa this disease broke out, spreading further over Europe.
110In 1356 the first meeting was held to come to a full alliance of these cities. What is the name of this formal alliance?
111In 1368 this son of a farmer unites China in one 'shining' dynasty.
112In 1415 this Czech reformer was burned at the stake for heresy against the doctrines of the Catholic Church. He could be heard singing Psalms as he was burning.
113In 1415 the French army was defeated by an English army at this small city.
114In 1428 this leader found the empire now in current Mexico
115In 1428 this maid is put to death in Rouen
116In 1436 this Italian gold smith annex sculptor used a novel way to construct the dome in Florence.
117In 1455 the first printed bible sees the light under the hands of this German metalworker from Mainz
118In 1483 Ferdinand and Isabella expand their quest against heresy, which is called?
119In 1488 Dias sailed for the first time round this place not even seeing what he did and where he passed by.
120In 1492 Lorenzo de Medici dies which is the end of the golden age of Florence. What was his nickname?
121In 1492 Colombus discovered the new land in the west. What was the name he gave this new land?
122In 1504 Michelangelo finishes one of his masterpieces, now on display in the Accademia of Florence
123In 1508 Michelangelo painted the Sistene chapel's ceiling, a project which changed the course of Western art and is regarded as one of the major artistic accomplishments of human civilization. Under the reign of which pope?
124In 1511 Erasmus wrote 'In praise of folly', a satirical attack on superstitions and other traditions of European society as well as on the Western Church. In which city was he born?
125In 1517 Martin Luther writes 'The Ninety-five theses or Disputation on the power and efficacy of Indulgences', a list of propositions for an academic disputation. Where did he publish this list? (city)
126In 1519 the greatest artist of the Renaissance dies in the arms of King Francois I.
127In 1521 this Portuguese explorer dies on an island in the Philippines.
128In 1529 the siege of this city by the Ottoman empire comes to an end.
129In 1535 one of the most powerful men in England is executed chosing death over Henry VIII religious principles.
130In 1543 this Polish mathematician and astronomer publishes 'On the Revolutions of the Celestial Spheres'.
131In 1568 the Battle of Heiligerlee was fought between Dutch rebels and the Spanish army. This first Dutch victory marked the beginning of a long lasting war. What is the name of this war?
132In 1581 this English explorer is knighted after his heroic trip around the world.

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