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45In 202 BC this Roman general defeated Hannibal at Zama, taking revenge for Hannibals victory at Canae
46In 168 BC Rome wins the final battle against king Perseus of this empire
47In 146 BC Roman troops completely destroy this once great city on the Mediterranean sea.
48in 70 BC this gladiator is defeated after organizing an uprise
49In 57 BC this first Korean kingdom is founded by King Pak.
50In 55 BC this Roman emperor sets foot in Britannia
51In 52 BC this Gaul leader was defeated by the Romans
52In 45 BC this new Julian standard was introduced
53In 44 BC Julius Caesar was murdered in Rome, but where?
54In 43 BC he became Consul of Rome, also being a famous philospher and lawyer
55In 31 BC this couple was defeated in the battle of Actium
56In 30 BC, following the description by Shakespeare, she committed suicide by holding this animal to her chest
57in 18 BC this German city was founded, also the birth place of Karl Marx
58Around 4 BC this holy person is born.
59Around 36 Saul transforms into this preacher
60In 43 this emperor accepts the surrender of eleven British tribes
61In 64 this city is burning by the hands of Nero
62In 64 the first head of the Christian church is crucified
63In 73 the Roman troops lay siege on this fortress not far from the Dead Sea
64In 79 this volcano erupts killing approx. 20000 people in Italy
65In 80 this building is opened with games that lasted 100 days
66In 117 this Roman emperor comes to power known for having two massive walls build to protect his empire, one in Germany and one in Britannia
67In 303 Diocletian put the first edict against these people in place.
68In 325 emperor Constantine opened the first Council in this place.
69In 330 this city becomes the new Rome
70In 335 in Jeruzalem the construction is completed of this building.
71In 410 Rome is put under siege by these German people
72In 451 the Roman general Aetius defeats this king from the East
73In 496 this roman-catholic King is baptized in Reims
74In 524 this man wrote the Consolation of Philosophy
75In 529 this monk teaches a way of living to his disciples
76In 537,now a museum in Istanbul, this church/mosque was initiated
77in 640 the angel Gabriel comes in a vision to this man on the mountain Hira
78In 645 the new emperor Kotuku introduces reforms in this country
79In 722 took a battle place between Islamic and Christians. The first battle of the Reconquista
80In 762 Abbasid Caliph founded this city, becoming at the turn of the century the largest city in the world
81In 800 pope Leo III crowns this man to emperor.
82in 871 Alfred becomes king of this part of Britannia
83In 986 Eric the Red gives this land to a group of settlers
84Around 1000 he sails from Greenland westwards to Vinland
85In 1066 king Harold II is defeated by William at this place
86In 1085 William initiates the writing of this work
87In 1088 this Italian city has the first university of Europe.
88In 1095 pope Urban calls for this event

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