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1About 13.8 billion years ago the universe was created with this event
2Scientists are debating for years that these animals were killed about 65 million years ago because of an asteroid.
3In 2575 this structure was finished building.
4In 2334 BC Sargon is the first ruler of this country
5In 1760 BC he created a new book of laws with 282 new laws
6It is believed that in 1620 BC a vulcano shook this island
7Amenhotep IV founds Amarna and changes the rules of the Egyptian royalty and worships this god.
8In 1279 BC this king is crowned in Egypt
9In 1250 BC this man led his people from Egypt
10In 1122 BC this leader of the Zhou dynasty comes to power.
11In 1003 BC he is the new king of Israel
12In 959 BC he completes the tempel of David
13In 814 BC Dido founds this city controlling the central Mediterranean Sea
14In 776 BC this event took place for the very first time and this tradition last now over 1000 years.
15In 753 BC he becomes the first King of Rome after fighting with his brother
16In 745 BC Tiglat-Pileser III found this empire in the Middle East
17In 597 BC he takes Jerusalem.
18In 594 BC he introduces a new constitution in Athens
19In 539 BC Cyrus takes this city which allows the Jewish people to go back from exile
20Around 527 BC he starts sharing this new religion after seven weeks of meditation
21In 527 BC the founder of Jainism dies
22In 510 BC the last king of Rome is banned
23in 507 BC the first form of democracy starts in this city.
24In 497 BC he leaves Lu, where he was the minister of justice, to spread the message of reforms
25In 490 BC the army of Athens defeats the Persians at this place
26In 480 BC he and his 300 Spartans fought at Thermopylae
27In 480 BC he had to leave Greece after losing the battle of Salamis
28In 468 BC he wins the price of the great Dionysia
29In 438 BC the people of Athens build a great statue of his goddess
30In 431 BC he holds a great speech honoring the dead
31In 399 BC this philospher is found guilty of corrupting the youth of Athens
32In 390 BC this tribe conquers Rome and the holy geese saved the Capitol
33In 387 BC he found the first Academy of Philosphy
34In 342 BC this man was summoned to educate Alexander
35In 333 BC Alexander defeats the army of this king
36In 331 BC he founds a city in Egypt
37In 331 BC he defeats this Persian king again at a village named 'Camel back'
38In 323 BC this great king dies at what age
39In 305 BC this pharao comes to power after the death of Alexander the Great
40In 280 BC this statue is completed
41In 260 BC 400.000 man are buried alive in one night . For whom where they fighting?
42In 250 BC he said the famous quote of Eureka.
43In 221 BC this emperor completed the work on the terracotta army
44In 218 BC this general crosses the Alps

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