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Almost everything you need to know about the Coagulation cascade in humans.

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a membrane protein of endothelium, activates VII
required for coagulation factors to bind to phospholipid
stimulates platelets and their aggregation
inhibits IIa (and other proteases)
activates XII and prekallikrein
lyses fibrin (and other proteins)
inactivates Va and VIIIa
forms APC
activates factor XI (also VII and prekallikrein)
gamma-carboxy glutamate synthesis cofactor
essential reaction of II, VII, IX, X & protein C
crosslinks fibrin
mediates platelet adhesion
activates II, forms prothrombinase complex with factor V
activates X, forms tenase complex with factor VIII
bacterial activator of plasminogen
vitamine K antagonists
vasodilatator, inhibits platelet activation
forms clot
cofactor of protein C
co-factor of IX with which it forms the tenase complex
activates ATIII
its product lyses fibrin
cleaves X; output of the exogenous pathway
cleaves non-enzymatic factors
inhibits plasmin
activates IX
co-factor of X with which it forms the prothrombinase complex
cleaves I, but also V, X, VII, VIII, XI, XIII, protein C

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