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'Chi Chi.'
'Excalibur's my partner now.'
'Kim, the love of my life!, let me confess my feelings...'
'From the United King, I'm looking for him, I'm goin' to California.'
'I'm the great assassin ____, and I've come hear to assassinate you all! Yahoo!'
'Giraffe, Giraffe!!!'
'Don't wake me up Ragnarok! If I wake up I wont sleep, and if I don't sleep I'll get the dark circles under my eyes! I don't know how to deal with the dark circles!'
'I'm prepared to die for my meister!'
'All right, Enough with the chitchat!! The only thing you'll get by flattering me is a swift kick in the butt! Now carry on with the mission!
'So basically, we're an organization that exists to protect and preserve peace. I guess we're not would you would call a typical school.'
'Pum pum pum pumpkin!'
'Well excuse me for bein' smaller than my little sister!'
'This is my body from 100 years ago!'
'Maka will get first place tomorrow she will, maka maka maka maka maka...'
'Wolf Wolves.'
'Goo pi.'
'I am ____ , a flower without fragrance, and when I fall it will be silent and tragic...'
'Here's a chocolate bar, Blackstar.'
'A sound soul dwells witin a sound mind and a sound body.'
'Nake, Snake, Cobra, Cobra.'
'I've been transferring my spirit from generation to generation for 800 years!'
'Lightning King.'
'I did't fit in with other witches, or the DWMA.'
'Humans don't fear death, they fear the pain of imagining death.'
'It's ok if you're a witch, Kim.'
'I'd love to dissect you...'
'Mifune never fights kids seriously...'
'Fine, I'll marry the toilet.'
'O lord, why can I not hear you speak!'
'If it's my soul you want, you can have it!! But If you intend to kill Angela, I swear on my sword that I will defend her to the death!!'
'I'm garbage! Asymmetrical garbage!'
'I've waited 800 long years for this.'

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