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Which dancer broke their foot in series 2?
Which of the dancers are know affectionately as the 'Twinnies'?
Which dancer has a purple belt in karate?
Who performs as a member of the glitter girls?
Who auditioned for the role of Maddy in the movie La Vida Robot?
Which mom used to dance but quit to be a cheerleader?
Which mom has a doctorate in education?
Which Mom used to work as a receptionist for ALDC?
Which mom left the show early in series 4 after an altercation with Abby?
Who was once a stockbroker?
How old was abby when she opened ALDC?
Abby was a Girl Scout. True or false?
In the finale of series 1, which aspiring singer do the girls audition as background dancers for their music video?
In episode 10 of series 1 'Cathy Brings It On' who does Abby bring in to inspire the girls?
In Series 1 Episode 9 'From Ballerinas to Showgirls', who tops the pyramid for the first time?
In Series 1 Episode 7 'She's a Fighter' who does Maddie dedicate her solo Angel to?
Who gets two solos in Series 1 Episode 4 'Stealing the Show'?
Who joins the ALDC in Series 2 Episode 1?
Who temporarily leaves in Series 2 Episode 2 to take up cheerleading?
In Series 2 Episode 7 'Bullets and Ballet' who is bottom of the pyramid?
In Series 2 Episode 10 'Miami Heat Wave' who performs at a Globetrotters game?
In 'Worst Birthday Party Ever' which TV show do the girls auditions for?
In Series 3 'Two Girls One Solo', which dancers perform the same solo?
In 'The Politics of Dancing' which mom considers homeschooling her daughter?
In 'Watch Your Back Mack', which new dancer arrives at the studio?
In 'All's Fair in Love and War' where do the moms take Abby?
What is the name of Abby's dog who sadly dies in series 3?
In Series 4 'Lights! Camera! Dance!' who shoots their music video?
In the first episode of Series 4, which girl gets invited to sing with country music star Jane Kramer?
Where does Abby hold her first open auditions?
In Series 4 'Decisions Decisions' who becomes a permanent member of the ALDC?
In Series 4 'Kiss or Get Off the Pot', who does Maddie have her first kiss with?

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