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Can you name the Beatles Songs Based on Their Alternative Titles?

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Forced Order
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Alternate TitleSong
What Do Your Elven Eyes See, Legolas?
Beelzebub Amid Her Arteries
Mr. Oppenheimer
The Never-Ending Tale of Cottage Chris
We Should Fornicate on the Freeway
101 Years a Century
At The Time I Am 2 To The 6th
Why I Think You're a Ghost
Alternate TitleSong
By the Way, I Like You Like You
Each Person Has an Object to Withhold Exempting Me and My Anthropoid
Ouch! Girl
Scandinavian Trees (The Groundhog Burrowed)
Arrive Synchronically
In Considering the Betterment of Sir Zeppelin
Spanning the Nebula
I Recently Witnessed Something on Shoulders

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