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Can you name the origin Gossip Girl Episode Names (season four)?

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Episode NameOriginalMedia Type
Belles de Jour1967 film
Double Identity1944 film
The Undergraduates2008 film
Touch of Eva1958 film
Goodbye, Columbia1969 film
Easy J2010 film
War at the Roses1989 film
Juliet Doesn't Live Here Anymore1974 film
The Witches of Bushwick1987 film
Gaslit1944 film
The Townie2010 film
Episode NameOriginalMedia Type
The Kids Are Not All Right1979 film
Damien Darko2001 film
Panic Roommate2002 film/2011 film
It-Girl Happened One Night1934 film
While You Weren't Sleeping1995 film
Empire of the Son1987 film
The Kids Stay in the Picture2002 film
Petty in Pink1986 film
The Princesses and the Frog2009 film
Shattered Bass2003 film
The Wrong Goodbye1973 film

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