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Can you name the Doctor Who names, places, and things?

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Title character?
How many doctors have there been??
Name the 9th Doctor's companion.?
Name the 10th Doctor's second companion.?
Name the 10th Doctor's third companion.?
Name the 11th Doctor's companion.?
The Doctor's 'most hated enemy'.?
When did the series recently re-start??
When did the original series begin??
What does TARDIS stand for??
What creature cannot move when being looked at??
Who did the Doctor meet while avoiding the Vashta Nerada??
Who is Amy's husband??
Who 'died' during the Battle of Canary Wharf??
Who is Martha's husband??
In which British city is there a rift in space, often used to repower the TARDIS??
Where are the Daleks from??
What species is the Doctor??
Where are they from??
Who is Donna's grandfather??
Who plays the 9th Doctor??
Who plays the 10th Doctor??
Who plays the 11th Doctor??
Who plays Rose??
Who plays Martha??
Who plays Donna??
Who plays Amy??
Who plays Rory??
Who plays River Song??

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