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What type of apprentice helps carry medical instruments and observes the doctor at work?
In colonial times, older boys had jobs like hunting, chopping ________, and working in the fields.
What type of artisan would make shoes from leather and wood?
Fishing and whaling were important colonial industries off the _____ ________ coast.
Which continent was a part of the Triangular Trade Routes along with North America and Africa?
Benjamin Franklin was ____ years old when he came to Philadelphia.
What was Benjamin Franklin’s job when he first came to Philadelphia? ____________
Which city was the second largest during the colonial times?
Eliza Lukas Pickney was managing a ________ when she was a teenager.
Many New England towns grew around a __________, central open area.
What college established near Boston is the oldest in the United States?
Jews and Christians came to the US for ______ freedom
Who is the author of Poor Richard's Almanac?
Colonists learned to grow _____ from the Native Americans.
What did Ben Franklin fly to prove electricity?
Who had more slaves, the North or South?
Most enslaved people brought to the Colonies came from what part of Africa?
During what rebellion did a group of enslaved people fight with slave owners?
Enslaved people made drums and ____ to keep African culture alive.
Did the colonies pass laws to make it more difficult for enslaved people to escape?

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