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What country experienced an economic recession due to an oil crisis caused by oil embargoes by the Organization of Arab Petroleum Exporting Countries?
This was one of the best-known anti-war demonstrations in the 1970's
What movement took a prominent role within society in the United States which began in the 1960s carried over to the 1970s?
What were the world's tallest buildings from 1972 to 1973?
What MLB team won the most world series in the 1970’s?
What band had the highest-selling album in the 1970's titled The Dark Side of the Moon?
What was the highest-grossing film in the 1970's?
What is television's current longest-running game show that began in 1972?
What was was the first arcade video game with widespread success. The game is loosely based on table tennis: a ball is 'served' from the center of the court and as the ball moves t
What court case legalized abortion in the 1970’s?
What 3 teams won world cups in the 1970’s?
What president was facing impeachment charges in the 1970's was forced to resign?
What was a popular a novelty item used more for decoration than illumination—the slow, interesting rise and fall of variously-shaped blobs of wax in the 1970's?
What was the cost of gas in the 1970's?
On April 22, 1970, the United States celebratedwhat day for the first time ever in which over two thousand colleges and universities and roughly ten thousand primary and secondary

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