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what it means when your heart stops beating
a good _____.
where a plant comes from.
a small piece of wood used in some instruments
to look at words and know what they mean
small objects that go on necklaces
food that makes you fart
means original
a group of people
with your hands
a thing used to stop people in there tracks
a small train/bus
to put lots of stuff into a small space
a sea creature with a hard shell
Common Lisp Interface Manager
People like to use paper ______s
You ____ a burger when grilling it
birds do this with their wings in order to fly
a problem you may have on the road is a ___ tire
Window blinds, a window covering
past tense for the word spit
a count for your progress in something
a Norwegian state-, county- or municipal agency
Excitatory amino-acid transporter
a town between the west bank of the Indus River and the Dadu Canal
a section of an object or list
to stop a car
a blemish on an object
a surname of Estonian origin
place where you go shopping
you get electricity from wind _____
this comes from cows
this comes from caterpillars
when someone doesn't feel well they are ___
to put your tongue on something
no enough experiance
a group of wolves
a post-rock/space rock outfit originally from Toledo, United States
a bucket
what a train goes on
something you don't get on Sunday
you may see this on a boat
Welsh for Sound
you are in _____ when you get hurt
a type of shop
what dogs have
used to cut wood
Standard Emergency Warning Signal
my dad ______ the airplane in the sky
what you golf off of
the number 3 in Spanish
a large plant with bark
spanish word for train
passerine birds in the mainly New World family Troglodytidae
a radio station broadcasting a Southern Gospel music format
stage of human life before becoming an adult
past tense of the word see
a person's name
where you may be sitting right now
after tense of the word send
when you go camping, you sleep in a ____
past tense of bend
look up? just a hint
to give something to some one for a short period of time
to defend
when you look for something
what a groom gives to a bride
most girls can do this.
what all birds have
movement of air
back of an animal
part of the body
a very dense object would be
a rabbit
a male hores
look up again
whiter than normal
stuff on top of eachother
a type of tree
items used in climbing mountains
walking through the woods
when you are in-love, you ____ that person
a bug in your hair
there is a finish type of these
stuff in your pocket
measurement of liquid
a type of candy
water in air form
lots of words in numbered form
save the best for
thing on a ship
amount of matter in object
to crush
subject at school
you clean yourself in one
an angry child may be 'in a ____'
a type of bug
a spouse normally
past tense fore the word 'make'
a medieval times weapon
a type of punch in pokemon
machine robots?
tools and electronics are also
an instrument measuring the rotation speed of a shaft or disk, as in a motor or other machine
you stick them in walls
part of your body
dog noise
son of Homer
A type of drink
reptiles do this with their skin
to change shape
after tense of the word sell
part of your shoe/foot
a ground animal
dogs make these
where you live
'_____ here' he said
type of ice cream (NOT FLAVOR)
dogs love these
sound of an instrument
when you tear something
round objects on cars
to turn an object
type of picture
here is a HINT
to search for animals
lightly hit ball in baseball
small person
magic stone
some of them are sandy
a guy
when you are naked
type of alien flying metal ball
when you have nothing you have
by yourself
spot for certain people/objects only
when something is stupid
green fruit
silent person
5280 feet
small rodents
cubes in games
inappropriate word for penis
a guys name

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