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Can you name the F335 Reagents and Conditions?

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Alcohol -> AlkeneTemperature
Alcohol -> AlkeneCatalyst
Alcohol -> AlkeneAlternative Catalyst
Alcohol -> AlkeneAlternative Condition
Acyl Chloride -> Primary AmideReagent
Acyl Chloride -> Primary AmideTemperature
Aldehyde -> Carboxylic AcidReagent/Conditions
Aldehyde -> Carboxylic AcidCatalyst
Aldehyde -> Carboxylic AcidConditions
Ester -> Carboxylic AcidReagent/Conditions
Ester -> Carboxylic AcidReagent/Conditions
Ester -> Carboxylic AcidConditions
Aldehyde -> AlcoholCatalyst
Acyl Chloride -> EsterReagent
Acyl Chloride -> EsterTemperature
Alcohol -> AldehydeReagent/Conditions
Alcohol -> AldehydeCatalyst
Alcohol -> AldehydeConditions
Nitrile -> Carboxylic AcidReagent/Conditions
Nitrile -> Carboxylic AcidReagent/Conditions
Nitrile -> Carboxylic AcidConditions
Carboxylic Acid -> EsterCatalyst
Carboxylic Acid -> EsterReagent
Carboxylic Acid -> EsterConditions
Acyl Chloride -> Secondary AmideReagent
Acyl Chloride -> Secondary AmideTemperature
Alkene -> AlkaneReagent
Alkene -> AlkaneCatalyst
Alkene -> AlkaneTemperature
Alkene -> AlkanePressure
Alkene -> HalogenoalkaneReagent
Alkene -> HalogenoalkaneTemperature
Carboxylic Acid -> Acyl ChlorideReagent
Carboxylic Acid -> Acyl ChlorideConditions
Alcohol -> HalogenoalkaneReagent
Alcohol -> HalogenoalkaneCatalyst
Alcohol -> HalogenoalkaneConditions
Halogenoalkane -> AmineReagent
Halogenoalkane -> AmineConditions
Halogenoalkane -> AlcoholReagent
Halogenoalkane -> AlcoholConditions
Alkane -> HalogenoalkaneReagent
Alkane -> HalogenoalkaneConditions
Halogenoalkane -> NitrileReagent
Halogenoalkane -> NitrileConditions
Halogenoalkane -> NitrileConditions
Chlorination of BenzeneReagent
Chlorination of BenzeneCatalyst
Chlorination of BenzeneTemperature
Chlorination of BenzeneConditions
Hydrogenation of BenzeneReagent
Hydrogenation of BenzeneCatalyst
Hydrogenation of BenzeneTemperature
Hydrogenation of BenzenePressure
Bromination of BenzeneReagent
Bromination of BenzeneCatalyst
Bromination of BenzeneTemperature
Acylation of BenzeneReagent
Acylation of BenzeneCatalyst
Acylation of BenzeneConditions
Acylation of BenzeneConditions
Alkylation of BenzeneReagent
Alkylation of BenzeneCatalyst
Alkylation of BenzeneConditions
Alkylation of BenzeneConditions
Sulphonation of BenzeneReagent
Sulphonation of BenzeneConditions
Nitration of BenzeneReagent
Nitration of BenzeneCatalyst
Nitration of BenzeneTemperature
Reduction of NitrobenzeneCatalyst
Reduction of NitrobenzeneReagent
Reduction of NitrobenzeneConditions

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