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Can you name the characters from movies or books by the rhyme given?

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Type of characterMovie characterRhyme
VillainA stick he carries around/ his strength much profound/ hates his real name/ is only after one fame
HeroineIt started with a chair/ she got fat like a bear/ Bleeker had no option/ she put it up for adoption
VillainKnown for a fake smile/ and a laugh that can be heard over a mile/ his worst enemy a bird/ in a well-known city from what we've heard
SidekickA grey blend/ of annoying and friend/ a green role model/ and a to tendency to dawdle
VillainA noun is his name/ not very tame/ wants to stand on pride/ but they find out he lied.
HeroA small item is all it takes/ before great evil reawakes/ a small man, a great adventure/ a group of 9 who dare to venture
VillainIt only takes two tones/ before you end up as bones/ beware if you a fishing/ pray if you are swimming
HeroArr, you know his name/ a scoundrel no one can blame/ saves a swann girl/ although he already has special pearl
SidekickSmall and as if raised in hell/ evil and a dwarf clone as well/ is almost always silent/ but is not mistaken for violent
VillainHumiliated as a kid, wants retaliation/ from his childhood fixation/ creates incredible gadgets alone / because he has no powers of his own

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