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Can you name the Harry Potter characters by the hints given?

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HintCharacter (last name included)
Teaches 'Dark Arts'
Thumbs up! He fell in the lake!
Krum gets offended by his/her clothes
Tells elf to destroy object
3rd member of twin twosome
Krum sees something in Hermione's hair
Murdered by accident by powerful wizards
Named her son after his father - and died
Sick with spattergroit
Sells object to cat-lover
She already said she'd go with someone else. She's sorry though.
A rock that doesn't bring the dead back to the living, but...
Hagrid is away on missions for Dumbledore, so who teaches Harry about unicorns?
Charming smile
Tortured by Bellatrix together with her husband
HintCharacter (last name included)
Knight of the Round Table, located on the 7th floor
A giant surprise - she knows what dementors are
How well did Harry really know Dumbledore? Daily Prophet obituary written by...
Sister to Fabian and Gideon
Paranoid man makes life tough for Albus and Harry
Slips object into cauldron
Long sleeves or a surprising secret will be exposed - something that no one would believe
Stole and ran away with object from mother
In the Mirror of Erised: family
Protector of first person in chapter 1, book 6
Prefect Penny
Twins tell him/her to give teacher hell
Neville didn't like the eye
Animal this is - destroys book

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