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Can you name the country by the event that happened in each year?

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Forced Order
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Singer-songwriter Sam Cooke is born ('by the river in a little tent') in this country.1931
Frida Kahlo, a native of this country, paints 'My Birth.'1932
Adolf Hitler becomes chancellor of this country.1933
The USA's Tydings-McDuffie Act both provides for greater independence of, and restricts immigration from, this country.1934
Italy invades this country.1935
Civil War between Nationalists and Republicans breaks out in this country, both sides receiving support from other nations and foreign volunteers.1936
The 'Rape of Nanjing', in which Japanese troops kill 40,000-300,000 civilians and commit widespread looting and rape in this country, begins.1937
Hitler announces 'Anschluss' between Germany and this country.1938
Following the Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact, Germany and the USSR invade this country, starting WWII.1939
Germany fails to defeat the air defenses of this country.1940
33,771 Jews are massacred at Babi Yar by Einsatzgruppe C. Since 1991, Babi Yar has been located in this country.1941
The Allies win a decisive victory at El Alamein in this country.1942
Operation Cartwheel, initially aimed at Rabaul which today is in this country, sees the first use by the US of its 'island-hopping' strategy.1943
On June 6th, Allied forces land in this country as part of Operation Overlord.1944
WWII ends. Quisling, the leader of the Nazi collaborationist regime in this country, loses power and is executed.1945
Churchill claims that 'From Stettin in the Baltic to Trieste in the Adriatic an iron curtain has descended'. Since 1954 Trieste has been part of this country.1946
British India gains independence, but is first partitioned into India and this country.1947
The National Party is elected in this country and establishes Apartheid.1948
After Chiang Kai-Shek withdraws in the Chinese Civil War, he rules only this country.1949
Artist Willem de Kooning, born in this country in 1904, begins his 'Woman' series.1950
Robert Menzies' Liberal Party is re-elected in this country.1951
Eva Peron is officially made 'Spiritual Leader' of this country, before dying.1952
The war between this country, supported by the UN, and its northern neighbour, supported by China and the USSR, comes to an end.1953
CERN, based in this country, is established.1954
Imre Nagy, leader of this country, loses power, prompting a failed anti-USSR revolution in 1956.1955
This country is granted independence from Britain, following pressure from Egypt.1956
'Throne of Blood', an adaptation of Macbeth and a classic of the cinema of this country, is released.1957
This country wins the FIFA World Cup for the first time. They will go on to win the tournament on 4 more occasions.1958
Fidel Castro becomes leader of this country.1959
National Liberation Front created in this country. They will go on to defeat the USA and its preferred government in the South of this country.1960

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