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Can you name the philosophers by their description in Bruces' Philosophers' Song and their major works??

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According to Monty PythonPhilosopherMajor Works
A real pissant who was very rarely stableCritique of Pure Reason, Groundwork of the Metaphysics of Morals
A boozy beggar who could think you under the tableBeing and Time
Could out-consume 4.A Treatise of Human Nature, Enquiries
3. could out-consume himPhenomenology of Spirit, Elements of the Philosophy of Right
A beery swine who was just as schloshed as 6.Tractatus Logico-Philosophicus, Philosophical Investigations
5. was just as schloshed as himSämtliche Werke, Prosaische Jugendschriften
There's nothing he couldn't teach you about the raising of the wristThus Spake Zarathustra, Beyond Good and Evil, Ecce Homo, The Birth of Tragedy
According to Monty PythonPhilosopherMajor Works
Was permanently pissed, and is particularly missed, being a lovely little thinker but a bugger when he's pissedDidn't approve of the written word, and hence left no writings, but appears as a character in many of 10's works
Of his own free will got particularly ill on half a pint of shandyOn Liberty, Utilitarianism, A System of Logic
They say he could stick it away - half a crate of whisky every dayThe Republic, Euthyphro, Meno, Theaetetus
A bugger for the bottleNicomachean Ethics, Physics, Poetics
Fond of his dramLeviathan, De Cive
A drunken fart who said 'I drink therefore I am'Discourse on Method, Meditations on First Philosophy, Principles of Philosophy

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