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How many kids did buddy hit during the snowball fight?
What is the street number of Michael's school?
How many kittens did Debra need to declaw?
How many job's are there for an elf to do?
How many layers are there of the candy cane forest?
How many cotton balls did buddy eat in the doctor's office?
How many animals wanted to pick snowberries with Buddy?
How many of the 79 floors of the Empire State Building did Buddy Press
How many times did Buddy hop across the intersection before turning back?
How long is it until Buddy calls his dad back?
How many Etch-A-Sketches did Buddy make?
How many reindeer power is Santa's 'Kringle' motor?
How many months until Buddy changes the smoke detector?
How much sleep did Buddy get when he stayed with his dad?
How many Jack-In-The-Box did we see buddy check?
What time will Santa be at Gimbel's
How many elves have to pull doubles to make up for Buddy's lack of Etch -a- Sketch Production?
How many rules are there in the Elf Code?
How many cookies did Buddy apologize for shoving into the VCR?
How many pages are missing out of Walter Hobb's book about the 'Puppy and Frickin Pigeon'?
What year model is Santa's 'Kringle' motor?
How many names does Micheal read out of Santa's book in Central Park?
'You've had a beard since you were ..
How many inches long do the ribbon curls need to be?
What channel is the news that covers the central park ho ho hijinx?
How many pieces of gum does Buddy eat off of the railing?
What decade did Papa Elf come up with the design for the 'Kringle' motor?
How old is Buddy's mail room 'best friend'?
How many degrees does Miles Finch want the interior of the car picking him up?
What is the temperate outside during the news report in Central Park?
What age did Papa Elf make Master Tinker?
How many inches are Miles Finch's plasma screen TV's?
How many scoops of sand go into an Etch-A-Sketch?
How many baritones are in the Elf Choir?
What channel is the Krumpet's walkie set to?

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