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Forced Order
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Who is Nadia?
What is the shows abbreviation?
What is Katherine's real name?
Who plays Klaus?
Who is the oldest Mikaelson sibling?
Which Salvatore does Elena first meet?
What type of doppleganger is Elena?
Who did Elena Gilbert's necklace originally belong too?
What is Elena Gilbert? (before s4)
When did the Salvatore's become Vampires?
In what year did Stefan meet Klaus?
What town does the show take place in?
In what season do we learn about the Klaus?
Who is the original witch?
Who is the female Mikaelson sibling?
What is the school mascot?
In what season does elena become a vampire?
What curse is Klaus trying to break?
Who kidnaps Elena in the middle of season 2?
Who could Klaus never find?
What herb is weakening to vampires?
Who was Katherine's handmaiden?

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