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The one that got hit by a hockey stick
The one that hit someone with a hockey stick
The one that fought with Joshua Wilmott
King of China
Mushroom Head
The one that threw a guitar
The first Indian that left us
The second Indian that left us
The Indonesian that left us
Who is this?
I'm not Indian!
No one knows who I am
I'm almost in with Cao
One two three
I'm famous for my hair
I'm the brother of the 'famous for my hair'
Pimples are what I'm famous for
Men are my favourite
Nicholas always beat me
Little Boy was the name of the atomic bomb
Aj and Lawrence
I think my freckles are cute
My hands are one of the smallest
I'm good at magic.. Trust me!!
Anson.. can you train me in handball?
Frisbee into the basketball net
I live in America now
I live in America also
I live in Canada now
I'm suppose to come back in Yr 8
I liked a lot of girls
I'm not a quarter, im a half
Was Fat, is tall
I was here in yr 7, not the first day though
I was a special selective
I'm the shortest one out of the ones who left

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