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Greek Hero
Dreams of having her own restaurant
Best friend is a monkey, stole some bread
Plays the trumpet. Wants to be human
Afraid of Crocodiles
Tries to poison Snow White with an apple
Princess Ariel's best friend/sidekick
Mother of three kittens, lives in Paris
very cramped living space, wants to be free
always in a bad mood, fairly short
'It all started with a mouse' very friendly mouse
likes tea parties, 10/6
lives in hundred acre wood, likes honey
Has really long blonde hair. Did I mention it glows?
refused to shelter an old women, cursed
Mickey Mouses pet dog
Winnie the Pooh's owner and friend
Believes in never growing up, wears lots of green
Last part of him to disappear is his smile
Won't say she's in love. At least out loud..
Loves to read, father is an inventor
Obsessed with staying young, kidnaps the princess

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