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LyricsMissing LyricsSong Title
You're dying to look cute in your _______ (2 words)Swiss Army Romance
So won't you kill me, so I _________ (2 words)Hands Down
Oh how we shouted, how we screamed take notice, take interest, _______(4 words)Several Ways to Die Trying
One good stretch before a _______ (1 word)Stolen
And this bitter pill is leaving you with such an ____ (2 words)This Bitter Pill
And she combed your hair and she ________ (3 words)Dusk and Summer
I believe in you so much I could die from the __________ (4 words)Ghost of a Good Thing
Keep watch for the mines that _______ (2 words)Keep Watch for the Mines
LyricsMissing LyricsSong Title
Waiting here with hopes the ___________ (3 words)Saints and Sailors
Well I might be a sinner but it wasn't me _______ (2 words)Thick as Thieves
Hope dangles on a string like _________ (3 words)Vindicated
I don't like the looks of this, without you there's (________ (2 words)No News is Bad News
I wasn't well for a while, I savored the things that I knew were sure to ______(2 words)The End of an Anchor
So what if your friends think I'm crazy, well I wasn't trying to ___________ (4 words)Hey Girl
But as for me, I wish that I was anywhere with anyone _______ (2 words)Screaming Infidelities
The pressure releases if you just ________ (4 words)Slow Decay

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