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QUIZ: Can you name the words that end in KIN

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Yellow bird of the finch family
Orange Hallowe'en squash
Beer cask holding 9 gallons
Eponymous battleship in Eisenstein film
A yokel
Little person from The Wizard of Oz
Small fluted bowl for serving e.g. souffle
-------- Warbeck, pretender to Henry VII's throne
Actor Alan, starred in Little Miss Sunshine
Dangling flower of the hazel tree
Beatrix Potter's squirrel
Pubic wig
Cat, a witch's familiar
William, director of The French Connection
Dwarf who could spin straw into gold
Luke Skywalker's father
A needle or dagger
Small pickled cucumber
Influential Victorian art critic John
Diaper or item of table linen
-------Park, U.S. band
English poet, Whitsun Weddings

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