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___ __________ attaches to the DNA at the beginning of a gene
The _______ bonds break
This makes the DNA strand _____
One of the strands is used to make a ________
Free RNA __________ line up along the DNA
Specific base pairing means the mRNA strand is a _________ ____ of the DNA
But thymine is replaced by _____
The RNA polymerase moves down the ___
After it has passed the hydrogen bonds reform a _____ _____ is made again
The RNA polymerase detaches from the DNA at a ___ _____
This produces ___-mRNA
This then spliced to remove _____
leaving only _____ and mRNA which moves to the ribosome
The above process is _________
The mRNA then attaches to a ribosome and _____ brings amino acids
A tRNA with an ______ complimentary to the codon on the first mRNA attaches to the mRNA
A second tRNA also attaches by ______ ____ ______
The two amino acids form a _____ ____
The first tRNA leaves and a third joins to the next _____ on the mRNA
The amino acids join and this repeats forming a __________ ____
Until a ____ _____ on the mRNA
The amino acid chain moves away from the ribosome and forms a _____
The second process was ________

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