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Can you name the South Park Characters 2?

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Has a lisp and diabetesElementary School Musical
Kenny's Older BrotherProfessor Chaos
Also known as General DisarrayTwo Guys in a Hot Tub, Professor Chaos, The Simpsons Already Did It, The Coon, Go God Go
Kyle's Cousin from ConnecticutThe Entity, Red Sleigh Down, The Losing Edge
Likes Radiohead, redhead, sells Cartman his pubes, ends up eating his parents in chili_ _ Must Die
The hungry boy from ethiopia that the four boys pay to feed so they can get a sports watch_ _, _ _ in Space
The boy who got sent to juvenile hall in kindergarden because of the four boysPre-School
The perfect, new kid from Utah who turns out to be MormonAll About the Mormons?
The 3rd grader who dreams of playing basketball but is restricted to singing and dancing because of his 'Slap Happy' fatherElementary School Musical
The other vigilante that The Coon and Professor Chaos try to take downThe Coon
The crazy scientist that lives on the top of a mountain on the edge of south park. Famous for creating 4-butted clonesJackovasaurus, Cartman's Mom is a Dirty ****, Cartman Joins NAMBLA
Wants to catch the infamous ManBearPigManBearPig, Imaginationland
The local minister of the church in South ParkKorn's Groovy Pirate Ghost Mystery, Red Hot Catholic Love, Do the Handicapped Go To Hell?
A father from the Denver team who fights Randy Marsh at the State Little League FinalsThe Losing Edge
The prostitute that Jimmy sleeps with to get rid of his erectionErection Day
Cartman's PigAn Elephant Makes Love to a Pig, Cherokee Hair Tampons
A gerbil that is inserted into Mr. Slave's Ass and is guided by the Frog King, the Sparrow Prince, and the Catata FishDeath Camp of Tolerance
Aliens that live on a planet where every noun is replaced by their name_ _ in Space
A basket-weaving creature with celery for a hand and Patrick Duffy for a legVolcano
The whale that the boys try to free but end up sending to the moonFree _

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