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A=P(1+r)^t is the formula for
A=P(1+(r/n))^nt is the formula for
A=Pe^rt is the formual for
A is equal to the
P is equal to the
r is equal to the
t is equal to the
n is equal to the
If a bank pays 10% interest per year compounded quarterly, how much money should be invested in order to have $8000 in 10 years?(round to the nearest cent)
If a bank pays 8% interest per year compounded quarterly, how much money will a $2500 investment be worth in 10 years? (round to the nearest cent)
The population of Vestal was 5000 in 1970. What will the population be in the year 2000 if it increases by 4% a year? (round to nearest person)
If $1000 is invested at 6% a year compounded continuously for 10 years, how much money is accumulated after that time?(round to nearest cent)
If you make money by investing the $40000 your parents give you a year, Mr. Nardocci says that you dont have to go to

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