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Mechanism of Disease: Neutralization of intrinsic factor, decreased absorption of B12
Target Antigen: Noncollagenous protein in BM of kidney glomeruli and lung alveoli
Target Antigen: Bacterial antigens (e.g. Yersinia)
Target Antigen: Neutrophil granule proteins (of activated neutrophils)
Clinicopathologic Manifestations: Hyperthyroidism
Mechanism of Disease: Neutrophil degranulation and inflammation
Mechanism of Disease: Opsonization and phagocytosis of platelets
Target Antigen: Streptococcal cell wall antigen cross reacting with myocardial antigen.
Target Antigen: Intrinsic factor of gastric parietal cells
Mechanism of Disease: Opsonization and phagocytosis of RBCs
Target Antigen: Proteins in intercellular junctions or epidermal cells (epidermal cadherin)
Mechanism of Disease: Antibody inhibits binding of insulin
Target Antigen: Hep B virus antigens (in some cases)
Mechanism of Disease: Inflammation, macrophage activation
Clinicopathologic Manifestations: Nephritis, lung hemorrhage
Clinicopathologic Manifestations: Myocarditis, arthritis
Clinicopathologic Manifestations: Abnormal erythropoesis, anemia
Clinicopathologic Manifestations: Hyperglycemia, ketoacidosis
Target Antigen: Platelet membrane proteins (GpIIb/IIIa, integrin)
Target Antigen: Streptococcal cell wall antigen(s); may be 'planted' in glomerular BM
Target Antigen: Insulin Receptor
Clinicopathologic Manifestation: Acute arthritis
Target Antigen: Acetylcholine (nicotinic) Receptor
Target Antigen: TSH Receptor
Clinicopathologic Manifestations: Bleeding
Mechanism of Disease: Complement and Fc receptor mediated inflammation
Clinicopathologic Manifestations: Hemolysis, anemia
Target Antigen: Nuclear antigens
Mechanism of Disease: Antibody mediated activation of proteases, disruption of intercellular adhesions
Clinicopathologic Manifestations: Skin vesicles (bullae)
Mechanism of Disease: Antibody mediated stimulation of TSH receptors
Clinicopathologic Manifestation: Nephritis, skin lesions, arthritis, others
Mechanism of Disease: Antibody inhibits acetylcholine binding, down regulates receptors
Clinicopathologic Manifestation: Systemic vasculitis
Clinicopathologic Manifestation: Nephritis
Clinicopathologic Manifestations:Vasculitis
Clinicopathologic Manifestations: Muscle weakness, paralysis
Target Antigen: Red blood cell membrane proteins (Rh blood group antigens, I antigen)

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