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This virulence factor has 6 subunits, one A subunit to stop protein synthesis and 5 B subunits to bind microvilli
This nematode causes iron deficient anemia
Which type of gastroenteritis has a longer time to onset after ingestion of B. cereus
C. difficile causes what type of diarrhea
This organism enters the body through the skin and causes local skin response such as cutaneous larval migrans, dermatitis and pruritis
This virus causes abnormal gastric motility and emptying
Female organisms lay eggs at night on the perianal skin of infected individuals
This organisms cysts are not killed by routine water chlorination
This type of E. coli causes bloody dysentery and fever and may not ferment lactose
E. histolytica causes what type of diarrhea?
This organism is ingested in contaminated water, poultry or eggs
Organism causes productive cough in its chronic phase with a red/brown mucus
Beef Tapeworm
The tail of this organism threads through the intestinal mucosa causing damage and inflammatory response that can cause dysentery or rectal prolapse
Causative agent of cyclosporiasis
Roundworm of Dogs
This organism is a curved and flagellated gram negative rod
This organism can cause pseudomembranous colitis
Type of gastroenteritis seen after ingesting B. cereus in meat dishes or sauces
Ingestion of this organism can cause emetic or diarrheal gastroenteritis
Hookworm endemic to Europe and Asia
Scolex of this organsism has sunburst shape
Can be carried by the flour beetle
This organism has alpha and theta toxins, hyaluronidases and DNases
This virulence factor has 6 subunits, one A subunit that stimulates cAMP production via G proteins and 5 B subunits that bind GM1 ganglioside to allow entry into cells
Common cause of food poisoning found in protein rich foods
This organism causes flask-shaped lesions in intestinal mucosa
Trematode that can be ingested from eating shellfish
Type of diarrhea caused by Shigella
Type of diarrhea cause by B. cereus
This organism's virulence factors include bundle-forming pilli to attache to epithelial cells and shiga-like toxins
This organisms virulence factors include a cysteine protease and a phospholipase
Trematode that causes pulmonary symptoms after esaping the gut and migrating through the diaphragm to the lungs
Chinese Liver Fluke
Cestode that can cause pernicious (B12 deficient) anemia
Organism can cause liver and gallbladder problems including gallstones
Type of gasatroenteritis seen after ingesting B. cereus in rice/grain dishes
Organism has heat and enzyme stable enterotoxins (A-F)
Fish tapeworm
This gram positive, spore-forming rod causes food poisoning and has a double zone of hemolysis and anaerobic
This organism causes the most common nematode infection
Organism that causes fluid-filled cysts that surround larvae
This organism causes self=limiting mesenteric lymphadenitis
This organism comes from eating undercooked pork and can form cysts in skeletal muscle
This genus causes typhoid fever
This is the most common cause of non-bacterial gastroenteritis
Clostridium perfringens causes what type of diarrhea?
This protozoan can be contracted by drinking lake/stream water because the beaver can be an intermediate host
This organism invades ileal mucosa and divides in Peyer's patches
Most common nematode infection in the US
This organism causes Traveler's Diarrhea by preventing absorption of Na and Cl and stimulating secretion of Cl and HCO3 in enterocytes
Largest human tapeworm
This organism is encapsulated and has 3 toxins LF, EF and PA
Causative agent of hyatid disease
This virus is very contagious and spreads often in children group settings
Fish Roundworm
Cyclosporiasis is associated with what type of diarrhea?
This organism's main virulence factor is urease
This protozoan is most commonly ingested in fresh produce
Type of diarrhea caused by G. lamblia
Less than 200 of these organisms are required to produce symptoms
Type of diarrhea caused by B. anthracis
This organism invades the small intestine and can cause hypovolemic shock due to large amounts or watery diarrhea
Causative agent of cysterosis
Sporozoites of this organism invade enterocytes and live in a vacuole
This organism's virulence factors include pili, ST and LT
This organism is responsible for gastric and duodenal ulcers
This organism causes community acquired inflammatory gastroenteritis
This virus has a segmented RNA genome with 11 pieces
Causative agent of amoebiasis
This gram negative rod produces H2S, doesn't ferment lactose and is an intracellular parasite
Cestode more common in areas like Canada and Scandanavia
Individual hermaphroditic segment of a tapeworm
Dwarf Tapeworm
Type of diarrhea caused by cryptosporidosis
Causative agent of microsporidosis
Men have a higher rate of infection from this hepatitis virus
C. diff toxins
This E. coli infection happens in utero or at time of birth and causes watery diarrhea
This organism causes bloody diarrhea, hemorrhagic colitis and hemolytic-uremic syndrome
This organism is primarily responsible to antibiotic associated diarrhea, the most common cause of diarrhea in hospitalized patients
Hookworm endemic to the Americas
This intracellular parasite is a problem for AIDS patients and causes diarrhea, disseminated disease and corneal infection
This protozoan has a sting ray shaped trophozoite form
This virus attacks the spinal cord and can cause meningitis, febrile illness and paralysis
Infects epithelial cells of the jejunum and is a major cause of severe secretory diarrhea in children under 2 years old
This protozoan can cause extra-intestinal infections such as lung or liver abscesses
This enterovirus is a major cause of acute febrile illness in children
Causative agent of cryptosporidosis
This hepatitis virus has no chronic carrier state
This hepatitis virus requires a co-infection with Hepatitis B Virus
Pork Tapeworm

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