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Drug class: Raloxifene
What is the half life of levothyroxine
This drug increases serum calcium and phosphate
This class of drug causes chemically induced esohpagitis
Preferred phosphate binder in the treatment of hyperphosphatemia
Last resort for severe cases of hypercalcemia
Major side effects of this drug include flatulence, diarrhea and abdominal pain
THis drug class inhibits coupling iodotyrosines in the thyroid
Drug class that delays the absorption of glucose
Most active form of vitamin D
True/False: Levothyroxine should be taken with food.
Iodine induced hyperthyroidism
This class of secretagogue causes release of insulin but is shorter acting than SUs and its action depends on glucose levels in the blood
Taking this compound after exposure to radioctive iodine can help prevent long term side-effects
Levothyroxine should be given based on what metric of body size
This drug works by inhibiting dipeptidyl peptidase-4
This diabetes drug class causes increased osteoclastic activity so people taking it have an increased fracture risk
Flagyl should not be taken with alcohol due to risk of this
Lantus is less likely to cause this condition than other insulins
This can be heard when auscultating the thyroid and is pathognomonic for Graves disease
This rare, congenital defect has been associate with methimazole given during pregnancy
HbA1c of 7% represents what concentration of glucose
This calcium salt is not affected by food
This class of drug causes insulin release regardless of glucose level which can be a risk or hypoglycemia
MoA: Inhibits microtubule formation in broad spectrum of nematodes, leading to deterioration
Non-hormonal agent that mimics effects of estrogen on bone without the stimulating effects of estrogen
When supplementing calcium it is important to check the level of this, as opposed to just strength of the product
Each percentage above of below 7% for HbA1c represents how many mg/dL of glucose
MoA: Causes release of acetylcholine and inhibits cholinesterase; acts as a depolarizing neuromuscular blocker, paralyzing helminths
In addition to stopping iodityrosine coupling, this drug also inhibits conversion of T4-T3
Exogenous androgens would (increase/decrease) levothyroxine needs
High doses of this compound block synthesis and release of thyroid hormone
This diabetes drug is naturally cosecreted with insulin and inhibits glucagon secretion
This calcium salt is best absorbed with food
Newly diagnosed diabetic patients respond best on this drug because it depends on the beta cells intrinsic function
Preferred drug for intestinal and extraintestinal amebic infections but up to 50% relapse when used alone
This therapy used to be considered the cold standard for osteoporosis treatment because it maintains appropriate levels of osteoclasts
Hallmark sign of acute hypocalcemia
Exenatide mimics the action of what hormone?
TSH suppressive doses of levothyroxine stimulate this bone-cell type
This drug class has a very slow onset because they are trascription factors
Range of time (in minutes) that short acting insulins peak
Two drugs that enhance sensitivity of muscle and fat to insulin and decrease hepatic gluconeogenesis
After taking this type of drug you must remain upright for at least 30 minutes
Detemir is what type of insulin
This class of drug has been linked to osteonecrosis of the jaw (especially in cancer patients and patient with a history of dental procedure)
This is the only drug for osteoporosis that can increase the number of osteoblasts
Patients on a TSH suppressive dose of levothyroxine have a 5 times increased risk of this complication
Range of time (in hours) that intermediate acting insulins peak
High dose IV bisphosphonates are used in the case of hypercalcemia with what underlying condition
Trade name: Metronidazole
Rapid acting insulins have (more/less) Zn.
This drug is recombinant human PTH
Aminoglyciside that is used in the tx of parasitic infection
This drug class blocks potassium channels and depolarized calcium channels in the beta cell which stimulates insulin release
'Peakless' insulin
Major contraindication of metformin use
Drug class that works by inhibiting FPPS which generates lipids essential for osteoclastic function
Exogenous estrogen therapy would (increase/decrease) levothyroxine needs
Anti-parasitic that increases permeability of parasite membrane to chloride ion, which hyperpolarizes nerve and muscle and causes paralysis
MoA: Nitro group of metronidazole is reduced by ferredoxin, promoting formation of intermediate compounds and free radicals that are toxic to organisms
Type of diabetic that lacks endogenous amylin
What range of time (in weeks) does it take for levothyroxine to reach steady state?

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