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Type of thyroid cancer that can met to bone
Pancreatic tumors, hyperparathyroidism and pituitary adenomas are characteristic of what syndrome?
Lack of this hormone from the posterior pituitary can cause central diabetes insipidus
Type of insulin with a high concentration that is helpful in managment of morbidly obese diabetics
What type of drugs must you give before resecting a pheochromocytoma or else you risk a hypertensive crisis? (Usually 7-10 days prior)
Bone complication associated with hyperparathyroidism and hypercalcemia
Stimulates production and release of thyroxine and triiodothyronine
Short stature, round face, short neck, shortened 4th and 5th digits on fingers and toes
Most accurate test to diagnose Klinefelter Syndrome
PTH receptor does not respond to Calcium until the levels are very high
Normal range of calcium
People on tetracyclines or quinolones should avoid this medication
People with prolactinoma should have levels of what two chemicals checked?
Type of thyroid cancer that can't be determined by fine'-need biopsy
What is the hallmark symptom of glugaconoma?
Paroxysmal headaches are associated with what?
What organism are cephalosporins particularly useful against?
Corrected Ca+2=
Hypoparathyroidism is associated with what familial autoimmune condition
Step in bacterial cell wall synthesis that is inhibited by penicillin
Gene that is associated with MEN 2
What type of drugs must you give before resecting a pheochromocytoma but after an alpha blockade to decrease risk a hypertensive crisis?
GH causes (hypo/hyper)glycemia.
GH secreting adenomas are usually __________adenomas (micro/macro)
Stimulates GH release
Principle route of drug elimniation
Metabolic Syndrome: HDL below this number in men
Waterhouse Friedrichson syndrome is associated with what bacteria
Altered persperation due to autonomic dysfunction as a late complication of diabetes causes excessive sweating during this activity
Mainstay treatment of hypertyroidism
Antibiotic associated with gray baby syndrome
Most common cause of hyperthyroidism
Type of insulin pump infusion where the bolus is given over a period of time
Inhibits prolactin release
Fluoroquinolone used to treat anaerobic infections
Drug classes that lowers seizure threshold
Stimulates release of IGF-1.
Low testosterone with high levels of LH and FSH are present in what type of hypogonadism
Resin uptake of thyroid hormone is (higher/lower) in a women on birth control?
A woman with gestational diabetes has a _____-_____ % chance of developing diabetes?
Primary antbiotic used for anaerobic infection
During pregnancy, TSH levels are (increased/decreased)
Normal physiologic response of the body to downregulate iodine symporters in the presence of iodine to prevent hyperthyroidism
During the 3 hour oral glucose tolerance test, women should be below this value after 2 hours
Inflate a BP cuff on the arm and see if the patient develops tetany in the forearm/hand, if they do it is called __________
First line medical therapy for acromegaly.
One hour glucose in pregnant women should be below this value
Metabolic syndrome: Male waistline must be greater than how many inches?
Mineral required for PTH release
Gastrinoma would be seen in what familial neoplastic disorder?
Complicating skin condition that is pathognomonic for diabetes
Hyperthyroidism (higher/lower) resin thyroid hormone uptake
Type of thyroid cancer with a very strong genetic link
Metabolic syndrome: fasting glucose must be higher than _____ and lower than ______.
Gold standard test for evaluating a primary hypothyroid patient
Treatment of hypoparathyroidism
MEN 2b shows this type of neuroma
Best time of day to check testosterone levels
Class of drug that is a PPAR gamma agonist that enhances insulin sensitivity
Aldosteron causes ______________ of potassium (retention/excretion)
Autonomic dysfunction of the GI tract associated with late-stage diabetes - delayed gastric emptying
Most commonly diagnosed form of hyperaldosteronism
Most common cause of death in acromegaly
Type of insulin pump infusion where part of the bolus is given immediately and the rest is given over a period of time.
MEN 2b shows this type of body habitus
Metabolic syndrome: Triglycerides greater than this value
In MEN 1, how many parathyroid glands show enlargment?
During the 3 hour oral glucose tolerance test, women should be below this value after 1 hour
Most common cause of dialysis
Metabolic syndrome: Female waistline must be greater than how many inches?
During the 3 hour oral glucose tolerance test, women should be below this value to start
Humalog, novolog and Apidra are all _______acting insulins
Stimulates TSH release
Metabolic Syndrome: HDL below this number in women
Which gender gets more thyroid nodules
NPH and Lente are _________ acting insulins
80-100% of MEN2a patients have this type of tumore
Pathologic Wolff-Chaikoff causes (hyper/hypo)thyroidism.
Most common cause of Cushing syndrome
Most common cause of hypercalcemia in inpatients
In what familial neoplastic disorder do you see glucagonoma?
Candidiasis (representing T-cell defect) is seen in what disorder along with hypoparathyroidism and Addison's disease?
Best way to induce stress in patients with potential adrenal insufficiency
Which gender has a high risk of thyroid malignancy?
Patient relaxes his/her facial muscles then the physician taps the facial nerve in front of the ear, if the person's face twitches or spasms it is a positive ___________
Zollinger-Ellison syndrome is associated with which familial neoplastic disorder?
Type of assay used to measure PTH
VIPoma has symptoms that resemble what type of infection
Two different classes of diabetes drugs that are secretagogues and share a common post-receptor pathway
Lantus and Detamir are __________________ insulins
Antibiotic that has the major side effect of crystalizing in the gallbladder and causing stones and 'sludge'
Most common symptom of MEN 1
Enzyme that plays a role in the development of gestational diabetes
Stimulates secretion of glucocorticoids and sex steroids
Commonly used drug that can cause drug-induced hypogonadism
People on tetracyclines or quinolones should avoid this in their diet
Mainstay medical treatment of hypothyroidism
Type of insulin pump infusion where the entire bolus is given at one time
Spectrum of action of streptomycin
Diagnostic test for acromegaly.
Hypothyroidism (higher/lower) resin thyroid hormone uptake
Stimulates FSH release
Alright Hereditary Osteodystrophy aka...
Screening test for acromegaly.
Condition in which too much TBG leads to decreased levels of free T3 and T4 and what seems to be inappropriately high bound T4
Drug that is currently used most often to maintain baseline insulin levels
Aldosterone causes _____________ of sodium (retention/excretion)
Leading cause of blindness in people older than 50 years old.
What type of cell is neoplastic in medullary thyroid carcinoma
Mainstay treatment of hyperthyroidism in pregnancy
Most common cause of hypercalcemia in outpatients
Deficient PTH secretion is a complication of what genetic disorder
DeQuerivain's thyroiditis would show (high/low) levels of exogenous iodine upake?
Gold standard measure for euthyroidal illness
Stimulates prolactin release
Antibiotic associated with neural tube defects
Condition with which an archibald sign is associated
First-line medication for prolactinoma
Low testosterone with low or normal levels of LH and FSH are present in what type of hypogonadism?
The most common pituitary adenoma secretes this hormone
Drug that is co-secreted with insulin and inhibits glucagon, delays gastric emptying and decreases appetite
Condition in which Archibald sign is seen but there is no hypocalcemia
Most sensitive tool for testing thyroid
Stimulates LH release
Stimulates ACTH release
Autonomic dysfunction in diabetes causes diarrhea that is worse when?
VIPoma would be seen in what familial neoplastic disorder?
Trousseau and Chvostek signs are signs of what disorder?
Test that automatically runs free T4 if TSH is abnormal
Cushing disease patient that has bilateral adrenalectomy and subsequent symptoms of headache, hyperpigmentation, visual changes
High levels of this hormone can mimic TSH during pregnancy because they share an alpha subunit
During the 3 hour oral glucose tolerance test, women should be below this value after 3 hours
Antibiotic to avoid during the last trimester
Two of the three: DM Type I, Addison's disease and autoimmune thyroid disease are needed to diagnosis this disorder
Vitamin D exerts its effects in the ____.

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