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This lake is the 11th largest lake on the planet.
This lake's shores are lined with the largest freshwater sand dunes in the world.
This lake can fit the water from all four other Great Lakes inside.
A Canadian province was named after this lake.
This lake contains enough water to completely cover North and South America in 1 foot of water.
This lake contains a 'triangle' with a similar reputation as the Bermuda Triangle. There have also been many alleged UFO sightings.
This lake is the only Great Lake completely within the United States.
This lake is alleged to contain a 30-40 foot long monster named Bessie.
This lake combined with Lake Michigan are hydrologically considered to be one lake.
Babe Ruth's first Major League home run landed in this lake, and is believed to still be there.
Underneath this lake, runs the Goderich Mine, the largest salt mine in the world.
This lake contains the island Isle Royale.

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