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1956-77Songs for Swingin' Lovers!; This Is _____!; A Swingin' Affair!: Portrait of _____
1956Rock 'n' Roll Stage Show
1956-2002Rock 'n' Roll; Loving You; King Creole; _____ Is Back!; G.I. Blues; Blue Hawaii; Pot Luck; From _____ in Memphis: _____' 40 Greatest; _____
1957-78Love Is the Thing; 20 Golden Greats
1957The _____ _____ Story
1960The Explosive _____ _____
1960Down Drury Lane to Memory Lane
1961-62The Black and White Minstrel Show; Another Black and White Minstrel Show: On Stage with the _____ _____ _____
1961-80The _____; Out of the _____; 20 Golden Greats; String of Hits
1961-7721 Today; Young Ones; Summer Holiday; 40 Golden Greats
1963-2000Please Please Me; With the _____; A Hard Day's Night; _____ For Sale; Help!; Rubber Soul; Revolver; Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band; The _____; Abbey Road; Let It Be; The _____ at the Hollywood Bowl; Live at the BBC; Anthology 2; 1
1964-94The _____ _____; The _____ _____ No. 2; Aftermath; Let It Bleed; Get Yer Ya-Ya's Out! The _____ _____ in Concert; Sticky Fingers; Exile On Main St.; Goats Head Soup; Emotional Rescue; Voodoo Lounge
1965-70The Freewheelin' _____ _____; Bringing It All Back Home; John Wesley Harding; Nashville Skyline; Self Portrait; New Morning
1967The _____; More of the _____
1967_____ _____ Rocks, But Gently
1968The _____ _____ Greatest Hits
1968-94Greatest Hits; _____ _____ & The _____ Join The Temptations; 20 Golden Greats; One Woman: The Ultimate Collection
1968_____ 2
1968-71Love, _____; _____ _____' Greatest Hits; Home Lovin' Man
1968The Dock of the Bay
1968Ogdens' Nut Gone Flake
1968-99Delilah; 20 Greatest Hits; Reload
1968Bookends; Bridge Over Troubled Water
1968_____ Greatest
1969The Best of The _____
1969-71On the Threshold of a Dream; A Question of Balance; Every Good Boy Deserves Favour
1969His Orchestra, His Chorus, His Singers, His Sound
1969-75According to My Heart; 40 Golden Greats
1969Stand Up
1969_____ _____
1970-79_____ _____ II; _____ _____ III; _____ _____ IV; Houses of the Holy; Physical Graffiti; Presence; The Song Remains the Same; In Through the Out Door
1970Cosmo's Factory
1970-95Atom Heart Mother; Wish You Were Here; The Final Cut; The Division Bell; Pulse
1971All Things Must Pass
1971_____'s Next
1971-80Fire Ball; Machine Head; Deepest _____: The Very Best of _____ ______
1971-79Every Picture Tells A Story; Never a Dull Moment; Sing It Again _____; Smiler; Atlantic Crossing; A Night on the Town; Greatest Hits, Vol. 1
1971-72Electric Warrior; Prophets, Seers & Sages: The Angels of the Ages/My People Were Fair and Had Sky in Their Hair...But Now They're Content to Wear Stars on Their Brows; Bolan Boogie
1972_____ _____
1972-90_____ _____; Graceland; The Rhythm of the Saints
1972Fog on the Tyne
1973-74Slayed?; Sladest; Old New Borrowed and Blue
1973Back to Front
1973-90Don't Shoot Me I'm Only the Piano Player; Goodbye Yellow Brick Road; Caribou; _____ _____'s Greatest Hits; Sleeping with the Past; The Very Best of _____ _____
1973Billion Dollar Babies
1973Ooh La La
1973-93Aladdin Sane; Pin Ups; Diamond Dogs; Scary Monsters (And Super Creeps); Let's Dance; Tonight; Changes_____; Black Tie White Noise
1973We Can Make It
1973-82Hello!; On the Level; Blue for You;1+9+8+2
1973-86Stranded; Flesh and Blood; Avalon; Street Life: 20 Great Hits
1973Dreams Are Nuthin' More Than Wishes
1974-77Tales from Topographic Oceans; Going for the One
1974-75And I Love You So; 40 Greatest Hits
1974-90The Singles: 1969-1973; Horizon; Only Yesterday: _____ and _____ ______'s Greatest Hits
1974Journey to the Centre of the Earth
1974Band on the Run; Venus and Mars
1974-92Hergest Ridge; Tubular Bells; Tubular Bells II
1974-75Rollin'; Once Upon a Star
1975His Greatest Hits
1975-76The Best of The _____; The Best of The _____ Volume II
1975We All Had Doctors' Papers
1975-95A Night at the Opera; A Day at the Races; The Game; Greatest Hits; A Kind of Magic; The Miracle; Innuendo; Greatest Hits II; Made in Heaven
1976-89The Best of _____ _____; The Legend of _____ _____
1976-77The Very Best of _____ _____; Red River Valley
1976-92Greatest Hits; Arrival; The Album; Voulez-Vous; Greatest Hits Vol. 2; Super Trouper; The Visitors; The Singles: The First Ten Years; Gold: Greatest Hits
1976-8320 Golden Greats; The Very Best of The _____ _____
197622 Golden Guitar Greats
197620 Golden Greats
1977A Star is Born
1977-80The _____ _____ Collection; Tears and Laughter
197720 All Time Greats
1977Never Mind the Bollocks, Here's the _____ _____
1977The Sound of _____
1978-90Rumours; Tusk; Tango in the Night; Behind the Mask
1978-9320 Golden Greats; Words of Love
1978-80Nightflight to Venus; Oceans of Fantasy; The Magic of _____ _____ - 20 Golden Hits
1979Greatest Hits
1979Parallel Lines; Eat to the Beat
1979Spirits Having Flown
1979-2002_____ _____'s Greatest Hits Vol 2; Guilty; Love Songs; The Essential _____ _____
1979The Very Best of _____ _____
1979-81Discovery; Time
1979-80The Pleasure Principle/Telekon
1979-2002Reggatta de Blanc; Zenyatta Mondatta; Ghost in the Machine; Synchronicity; Every Breath You Take: The Singles; The Very Best of _____ & The _____
1980-93Duke; Abacab; _____; Invisible Touch; We Can't Dance; The Way We Walk, Volume 2: The Longs
1980Greatest Hits
1980_____ 2
1980-89_____ 2; Tug of War; Give My Regards to Broad Street; Flowers in the Dirt
1980-86_____ _____; So
1980Back in Black
1980-87Never for Ever; Hounds of Love; The Whole Story
1981Kings of the Wild Frontier
1981Double Fantasy
1981-98Face Value; No Jacket Required;...But Seriously; Both Sides; Hits
1981No Sleep 'til Hammersmith
1981-93Love Songs; Private Collection: 1979-1988; The Album
1981-93Dead Ringer; Bat Out of Hell II: Back into Hell
1982The Gift
1982-92The Number of the Beast; Seventh Son of a Seventh Son; Fear of the Dark
1982_____ Live in Britain
1982-92Complete _____; Divine _____
1982The Lexicon of Love
1982-91Love over Gold; Brothers in Arms; Money for Nothing; On Every Street
1982The _____ _____ Collection
1983Business as Usual
1983-2001Thriller; Bad; Dangerous; HIStory: Past, Present and Future, Book I; Blood on the Dance Floor: HIStory the Mix; Invincible
1983-2000War; The Unforgettable Fire; The Joshua Tree; Rattle and Hum; Zooropa; Pop; The Best of 1980-1990; All That You Can't Leave Behind
1983-89The Hurting; The Seeds of Love
1983Faster Than the Speed of Night
1983-84Fantastic; Make It Big
1983You and Me Both
198318 Greatest Hits
1983-91No Parlez; The Secret of Association; From Time to Time - The Singles Collection
1983-93Labour of Love; Promises and Lies
1983Colour by Numbers
1983-92Can't Slow Down; Back to Front
1983Seven and the Ragged Tiger
1984-91Touch; We Too Are One; Greatest Hits
1984-92Sparkle in the Rain; Once Upon a Time; Live in the City of Light; Street Fighting Years; Glittering Prize 81/92
1984Into the Gap
1984Human's Lib
1984Welcome to the Pleasuredome
1985-95Alf; Singles
1985Agent Provateur
1985-2002Born in the USA; Tunnel of Love; Human Touch; Greatest Hits; The Rising
1985-92Meat Is Murder; Best...I
1985Our Favourite Shop
1985Boys and Girls
1985Misplaced Childhood
1985-2000Like a Virgin; True Blue; Like a Prayer; The Immaculate Collection; Ray of Light; Music
1985The Love Songs
1986Silk and Steel
1987-93The Very Best of _____ _____; Their Greatest Hits
1987Keep Your Distance
1987It's Better to Travel
1987-2000_____; _____: The Greatest Hits
1987Introducting the Hardline According to _____ _____ _____
1987-92Hyteria; Adrenalize
1987-91...Nothing Like the Sun; The Soul Cages
1987-98Faith; Listen Without Prejudice Vol. 1; Older; Ladies & Gentlemen: The Best of _____ _____
1987Bridge of Spies
1987Whenever You Need Somebody
1988-95Popped In Souled Out; High on the Happy Side; End of Part 1: Their Greatest Hits; Picture This
1988Turn Back the Clock
1988-94Viva Hate; Vauxhall & I
1988-94The Innocents; Wild!; Chorus; Pop! The First 20 Hits; I Say I Say I Say
1988-94Lovesexy; Batman; Graffiti Bridge; Symbol; Come
1988-89_____ ______; Crossroads
1988-2001_____; Enjoy Yourself; Greatest Hits; Fever
1988-2000New Jersey; Keep the Faith; Cross Road; These Days; Crush
1988Flying Colours
1989-93Technique; Republic
1989The Raw and the Cooked
1989-98A New Flame; Stars; Life; Greatest Hits; Blue
1989Anything for You; Cut Both Ways
1989-94When the World Knows Your Name; Our Town - The Greatest Hits
1989Ten Good Reasons
1989-90Club Classics Vol. 1; Vol. II: 1990 - A New Decade
1989-93Foreign Affair; What's Love Got to Do with It
1989-91The Road to Hell; Auberge
1990I Do Not Want What I Haven't Got
1990-91The Essential _____; The Essential _____ II
1990Step by Step
1990-97Some Friendly; The _____; Tellin' Stories
1991-94MCMXC a.D.; The Cross of Changes
1991Circle of One
1991-2001Out of Time; Automatic for the People; Monster; New Adventures in Hi-Fi; Reveal
1991_____; _____
1991-92Love Hurts; Greatest Hits: 1965-1992
1991-96_____; Load
1991Use Your Illusion II
1991-96Waking Up the Neighbours; So Far So Good; 18 til I Die
1991Shepherd Moons
1992-95Diva; Medusa
19921992 - The Love Album
1992_____ _____
1992The Greatest Hits: 1966-1992
1992Welcome to Wherever You Are
1992The Best of _____, Volume 1
1993Pure _____: for Rockers, Ravers, Lovers, and Sinners
1993Are You Gonna Go My Way
1993-97Songs of Faith and Devotion; Ultra
1993-99_____; Coming Up; Head Music
1993-94No Limits; Real Things
1993-2001Emergency on Planet Earth; Synkronized; A Funk Odyssey
1993-95Music Box; Daydream
1993-94In Utero; MTV Unplugged in New York
1993-96Everything Changes; Nobody Else; Greatest Hits
1994Tease Me
1994Under the Pink
1994-99Parklife; The Greatest Escape; _____; 13
1994Everybody Else Is Doing It, So Why Can't We?
1994Happy Nation
1994-97Music for the Jilted Generation; Fat of the Land
1994-2002Definitely Maybe; (What's the Story) Morning Glory?; Be Here Now; Standing of the Shoulder of Giants; Heathen Chemisty
1994From the Cradle
1994-98Carry On up the Charts; Blue Is the Colour; Quench
1995-2002The Colour of My Love; Falling into You; Let's Talk About Love; All the Way...A Decade of Son; A New Day Has Come
1995Wake Up!
1995-2002Stanley Road; Illumination
1995I Should Coco
1995It's Great When You're Straight...Yeah
1995-99Said and Done; A Different Beat; Where We Belong; By Request
1995-98Different Class; This Is Hardcore
1995-96_____ & _____; Take Two
1996Expecting to Fly
1996Jagged Little Pill
1996-20001977; Free All Angels
1996Recurring Dream
1996-97_____; _____world
1997-2000White on Blonde; The Hush; The Greatest Hits
1997Attack of the Grey Lantern
1997-2002Dig Your Own Hole; Surrender; Come with Us
1997Open Road
1997_____-_____ Forever
1997Middle of Nowhere
1997-2001OK Computer; Kid A; Amnesiac
1997Marchin' Together
1997Urban Hymns
1998The Best Of
1998-2002Life thru a Lens; I've Been Expecting You; Sing When You're Winning; Swing When You're Winning; Escapology
1998-99International Velvet; Equalling Cursed and Blessed
1998Version 2.0
1998The Good Will Out
1998-2000Talk on Corners; In Blue
1998Hello Nasty
1998_____ _____
1998This Is My Truth Tell Me Yours
1999You've Come a Long Way, Baby
1999-2001Performance and Cocktails; Just Enough Education to Perform
1999-2001The Man Who; The Invisible Band
1999Come On Over
1999Rhythm and Shealth
1999-2001_____tacular; Jive
2000-2002Play; 18
2000-2002The Marshall Mathers LP; The _____ Show
2000Alone with Everybody
2000-2002Parachutes; A Rush of Blood to the Head
2000-2002_____; Destination
2000Born to Do It
2000_____ & Sinners
2000-2002Coast to Coast; World of Our Own; Unbreakable: The Greatest Hits Volume 1
2001Chocolate Starfish and the Hot Dog Flavored Water
2001No Angel
2001-2002Songbird; Imagine
2001Hot Shot
2001-2002White Ladder; A New Day at Midnight
2001-2002Right Now; Feels So Good
2001Break the Cycle
2001The Id
2002Silver Side Up
2002All Rise; One Love
2002The Last Broadcast
2002By the Way
2002From Now On
2002One by One
2003Let Go

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